Are Goods-to-Person Robots Technology Best for Your Warehouse?

G2P or Good-to-Person is an automated technology for order fulfillment at right time with the right item to the right operator of the warehouse. G2P reduces or eliminates search time and wasted walk that can increase the throughput and productivity. This technology can also increase ergonomics and worker accuracy as well. As a result the space requirement on the floor also gets reduced.

If you still are not aware of the benefits of goods-to-person technology, then we have brought this post for you. Here we are going to discuss why and how the new technology can be beneficial for you?

Are Goods-to-Person Robots Technology Best for Your Warehouse?

Benefits of Goods to Person Robots or Technology

These days many warehouse operators have started using G2P technologies due to several reasons and the benefits offered by these robots. Let us know some of the major benefits of these technologies:

  • Increased Throughput and Reduced Travel Time

As the inventory is automatically brought by the goods to person robots at their right position when it is required, workers need not spend much time traveling and searching for the products. The workers now spend more time only picking the products which increases the picker volume in less time. However, in normal warehouses, the Intralogistic Robots spent less of their time searching and walking to locate the right product from inventory. G2P eliminates the time wasted and the operators can now focus on value-added activities only.

  • Increased Accuracy

Most goods-to-person robots are equipped with a double verification mechanism. Like the robots mostly check several specifications of the products like their bar code and RFID tag with weight confirmation as per requirement. Higher accuracy and few errors reduce the labor demand and you can now get it done more with less input. As a result, you can save labor costs without any effect on throughput. Several robots like sorting robots can also make the work done more accurately.

  • Social Distancing Maintenance

In goods-to-person technology, the workers are located at their workstations. The robots are placed at a certain distance from each other, as that avoids infection or disease spread. Thus you can now maintain the social distancing that is a must during COVID-19. This can also stop the spread of any other season of flu or contagious decease spread.

  • Improved Worker’s Ergonomics

Workers’ regular ergonomics like stretching, reaching, lifting, twisting, and bending also get reduced with goods-to-person technology. The workers usually have to spend a lot of time and put a lot of effort into these regular and essential tasks. G2P implementation increases ergonomics and reduces injury risk as well.

  • Reduced Floor Space

All robots are designed vertically upwards, therefore the implementation of these robots optimizes vertical clear height and reduces horizontal floor space. You can save from 60 to 90% by choosing the right technology for your warehouse or store.


The warehouse includes myriad operations and for that variety of G2P options are available. You have to choose the right fit for your organization if you are planning to invest in goods-to-person latest warehouse operation management technology.


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