AI paraphrasing tools are a vital element of content creation. So, which one of them stands out as the best in 2022?

Content creators and paraphrasing go hand-in-hand and help content creators with many things. It can repurpose content, change its direction, and elevate or revamp it for better quality. However, the thing with manual paraphrasing is that it takes time—and a lot of it.

Enter a paraphrasing tool in the frame, and you have the same process done a lot more quickly. Not only because paraphrasing tools rely on machine learning but also because their primary make-up is that of AI. This allows paraphrasers to rewrite your hundreds of words worth of text within seconds.

However, the challenge is finding a paraphrasing tool that thoroughly employs AI algorithms, which know how to rewrite various types of content. So, what does a paraphrasing tool do, and which one of them is the best at it? Let’s help you find out.

What Does A Paraphrasing Tool Do?

A paraphrasing tool is a remarkable AI-based program that allows the user to rewrite content within a matter of seconds. The purpose of such tools is to make the task easier for the writer. How does it do that exactly?

With the help if AI and NLP, because AI or artificial intelligence is the primary making of such tools. It’s not only the backbone but also the reason behind its algorithms flawlessly and quickly rewriting the content a writer prompts it to.

Some of the common uses of a paraphrasing tool include:

  • Changing or altering the content’s tone by deviating the content’s voice, or changing from active voice to passive or vice versa
  • With the help of NLP, a paraphrasing tool changes the content by picking alternative synonyms, terms, phrases, etc.
  • Removing or avoiding plagiarism by rewriting content from scratch
  • Improvingcontent’s flow by altering or removing redundancy

These are some of the common goals of a writer when using a paraphrasing tool. However, the one goal that triumphs all others is saving time. Where it might take an hour or so to rewrite an essay or article, a paraphrasing tool can do so within a matter of minutes or seconds.

7 Best Online AI-Based Paraphrasing Tools For Content Creators

To provide convenience to you, we have made picking the best paraphrasers a lot easier—by picking the best of them. Each one of the tools that we’ll talk about today has been thoroughly considered for its merits and demerits (which aren’t that many.)

Most of these tools offer extensive free usage, and the ones that require premium sign-up for long-form content are worth every penny. So, without further delay, let’s get started with our list of seven of the best paraphrasers for content creators.

1.   Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a household name in the world of writers, and it’s no surprise that their paraphraser triumphs all the others. Commonly used for avoiding plagiarism by teaming up with their plagiarism checker, this remarkable rephraser has all the necessities you need in one. Such as:

  • Extensive word count
  • Four content tones
  • Natural content flow
  • Extended free usage on free sign up
  • Ideal for both academic and professional writers


When you amount all these factors against any other paraphrasing tool, no other rephraser comes even close to the prowess of this one. At least not any free one does. Making this tool undoubtedly the best paraphraser you can use in 2022.

2.   Paraphraser is yet another common name that comes out of the mouth of writers. The reason behind that is simple: there’s nothing this tool cannot do for you. To help you understand just how well it performs, here are some common things you can use it for:

  • Change or alter academic essays or papers
  • Rephrase blogs, websites, and articles
  • Rewrite any content from scratch within a second
  • Alter content tone seamlessly (Without it seeming unnatural)


This is yet another rephraser on this list that can not do any wrong. For the writer that uses it, they cannot go wrong with this one because it simply stands out and delivers outstanding content.

3.   Rephrase is yet another outstanding addition to any writer’s arsenal. If you’re looking for a rewriter that does not make mistakes, then this one is it. The AI algorithms of this tool are thoroughly thought-out and made to serve both academics and professionals.

Where can you use it?

  • To remove plagiarism
  • To change or deviate content tone
  • To improve the text’s flow


If that’s not enough, you also get a 500-word limit, which is pretty generous by today’s standards. It’s yet another rephraser that doesn’t make errors when rewriting your content.

4.   Spinbot

It is one of the paraphrasing tools that keep it simple. It’s also one of the tools with the most possible word count since it offers around 10,000 characters, which is roughly 1200 words or so.


Besides that, you get a selection bar that allows you from the shortest possible paraphrasing to the longest possible one.

5.   Paraphrasing-Tool

It  is ideal for both students and professionals. This rephrasing tool doesn’t require much except the captcha heck that you’ll have to do.


Once you go past that, the tool rephrases your content in a lightning-quick manner and doesn’t leave any stones unturned. In other words, the rephrasing quality will astound you.

6.   Paraphrasing-Tool

It is yet another tool that’ll give you everything you need to stand out, from various content tones to a 1000-word limit. On top of that, an intriguing UI design indeed makes it a lot easier.


As for its working, it’s ideal for content creators, as it surely elevates your text’s natural flow and tone.

7.   Neural Writer Paraphrasing tool

Neural Writer is new to the paraphrasing game, but that doesn’t mean their paraphraser doesn’t do what other programs on this list have.


You have a tool here that offers various languages, which is apparent on the top side. Moreover, you also get a 10,000-character limit in this one alongside a light or medium-intensity setting.


These are seven of the best tools for content creators to paraphrase their texts. Not only will all these tools alter your content, they’ll elevate its quality and avoid any sort of plagiarism.


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