AI Security

7 Technology Trends for 2020: AI Security

The top technology developments for 2020 that the consulting company says next year – and past – businesses and investors should have on their...

Do you require Amazon Web Services for your business?

Amazon tends to be interested in all engineering phases. Amazon has offered IT infrastructure services since 2004, such as cloud computing, networking, and content...
big data support the hospitality and travel industry

How does big data support the hospitality and travel industry?

Big data collects the knowledge and incorporates it in machine learning programs, statistical analysis, and other high-level analytics applications as a mixture of standardized,...

know how Chatbots Can Strengthen the Current Educational Sector?

AI-driven bots in this technology-driven world are now growing a shared vision for human communications. Giants in discovery spend billions of dollars building and...

Why AI helps detect risks and enhances cyber security

When technology increases, consumers need to keep one step forward of hackers and improve their security. Through risk analysis, AI software assists in ensuring...
moto-smart phone

Diwali shopping on Flipkart, Amazon: budget smartphone sales

Amazon and Flipkart have unique festive deals this week in their 2019 Diwali. The sale of the Great Indian Festival by Amazon and the...
Sony Xperia

List of Sony Xperia phones

DoCoMo, a Japanese operator, has posted a list of devices to be upgraded to Android 10. Remember that Sony's systems for global standards may...
Big data

6 ways to be big data export.

Big data and analytics skills are the number one requirement area in businesses in 2019. According to AWS recruitment firm Jefferson Frank, requiring technical...

Cloud Technology Trends in 2019

During the past couple of years, cloud technology has experienced fast growth that will develop in the future. For organizations preparing to target high,...
Cloud Technology

What are the challenges in cloud computing?

It begins with its set of difficulties as much as the advantages cloud has to give. And the cloud-related main problem is data security....

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