IoT Revolutionizing

IoT Revolutionizing Agriculture and Farming

IoT is transforming industries leading to a significant increase in productivity and reducing wastage. Optimum utilization of scarce resources is one of the greatest...
Artificial intelligence transforming industries

Artificial intelligence transforming industries

Artificial intelligence has started making its way into Banking & Finance, Marketing and other sectors and reshaping the way businesses are functioning. With internet...

Artificial Intelligence transforming the global economy, impacting industries and shaping lives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing mainstream technology.  It is reshaping the human journey by increasingly becoming a part of every aspect of our...
Machine Learning

Machine Learning for efficiency and transparency

Artificial intelligence comes in different variants. Machine learning is one of these variants. The term machine learning as an AI technology means that the...

AI Agro

Optimum use of scarce natural resources has drawn much attention over the years and efforts have been made toward realizing improved agricultural practices and...

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