10 Most Influential Tech Leaders

A group of tech leaders would likely give you a wide range of responses if you asked who they thought was our time’s most significant tech leader. Many inventors have revolutionized the tech sector – and the world as we know it – from industry celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates to the quieter leaders who choose to remain out of the public eye. In today’s digital age, many innovators and thought leaders have helped shape the technology that has made our daily lives more accessible and connected. Social media apps and smartphone technology enable us to communicate with others simply and quickly. Developments in industries like home security and healthcare have developed multiple life-saving products. Many professionals may work from anywhere at any time, thanks to several technological and software advancements. Whether in energy & power, education, manufacturing, medicine, information, and communication, technology is rapidly transforming the world. It has evolved to a level where we can only vaguely recall a facet of life before technology; this transition happened quickly. But those in charge of this transition come from worldwide and are hardly aware of it, despite being very well-known and influential in the digital industry. In this edition of Planet Storyline, we bring you the ‘10 Most Influential Tech Leaders of 2022’.