Zity offers credit cards with a limit of 5,000 euros and personal loans of up to 20,000

Zity, the company of carsharing 50% owned by Ferrovial and Renault, it launches to offer financial services after joining forces with Bankinter Consumer Finance (BCF) and with RCI Bank and Services Spain, financier of the Renault-Nissan alliance. The company has created the Besty brand to mediate in the contracting of credit cards and personal loans managed by the Bankinter entity, and deposits, accounts and insurance that are part of the product catalog of its other partner. To launch the new line of business, Zity has counted on the advice of KPMG.

Javier Mateo, CEO of Zity, explains that the launch represents “a total revolution by being able to offer our users high-value services outside the world of mobility.” The company seeks with this movement new ways of income and to make its service more attractive. carsharing versus its competition, Free2Move, ShareNow, Wible, Zity and the newly landed GoTo.

Specifically, by contracting the new Besty credit card, and without changing banks, users will receive a balance in Zity for a value of 15% of their purchases in the service, either for the trips made, or for the purchase of packs of Zity savings. In addition, any other purchase made with this card will result in a balance on the platform worth up to 2% of the purchase amount.

Likewise, Zity users may take out a Bankinter Consumer Finance personal loan for an amount of up to 20,000 euros, and will receive a Zity balance worth up to 100 euros, depending on the amount of the loan granted. All contracting is done 100% online from the Zity application.

In the coming months, the company’s clients will also be able to benefit from RCI Bank and Services España products and services, such as deposits, accounts and insurance. This entity has more than 50 years of experience in vehicle financing and in the commercialization of insurance and services associated with the acquisition of automobiles.

Zity users will be able to contract the Besty card and the personal loan from April 21. It is a Mastercard card, with no maintenance cost, with a credit limit of 5,000 euros and a fixed commission of 20 euros for exceeding the limit.

The card will allow you to choose the payment method and “will offer flexibility”. Thus, the user will be able to decide their percentage or amount of payment (minimum 3% of the balance drawn or 30 euros) and if they decide to pay all the expenses generated during the month at the end of the same, they will have no interest cost. The applicable interest rates are 18.36% NIR for deferred payment purchases, cash transfers, and ATM cash withdrawals.

As for the Besty personal loan, it has a nominal interest rate of between 5.95% and 14.95%, an opening commission of 1.20% and a maximum repayment term of 84 months. The amount ranges from 2,500 to 20,000 euros.

Zity currently offers its car rental service by the minute in Madrid and Paris. Between both cities, it has a fleet of 1,300 100% electric cars.


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