The children’s video breaks an unbelievable record, clearly eclipsing the second-most viewed YouTube video of all time.

Around the world, parents need to turn on a certain song for their children on a regular, if not daily basis. This is at least indicated by the number of views of a YouTube video that broke a new record in mid-January. We’re talking about Baby Shark. The video for the song, which is as catchy as it is repetitive, is the first video on YouTube to have more than ten billion views.

Before Despacito and Co.: Baby Shark has 10 billion views on YouTube

end of 2020 passed Baby Shark the most viewed video of the hit up to that point Slowly and has defended its top spot ever since. The distance to second place on which still Slowly by Luis Fonsi is constantly expanding. The video currently has a little over 7.7 billion views.

A YouTube video turned into live shows and even a TV series

While the song’s success may be partly due to its catchy tunes, the company behind the video, Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories, has also played its part in ensuring that the success does not flag. For example, a Baby Shark Live Show was launched, a viral dance challenge further increased awareness and a Nickelodeon show was even launched in 2021.

Children’s content has always been very popular on YouTube. Many parents use the content to keep their children entertained and engaged. 2020 found themselves among the Top five videos of all time two children’s videos. And also on the podium of the YouTube top earners there were two children at the time.

Anyone who has not yet gotten an earworm from reading can watch the record video of Baby Shark look at

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