It is quite clear that the mobile terminal market, despite initial reluctance, is most interesting as an evolutionary element for companies. Actually, it is the great advance that has been made in smartphones in quite some time, really. The fact is that more and more people are increasing their commitment to it, and one of those who couldn’t miss the party is Xiaomi.

The Asian company, which has a huge catalog of products, took the first step last year to get its share of the cake in this segment with the launch of the Xiaomi Mix Fold. And, how could it be otherwise, he is already preparing his successor so that other manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei or VIVO do not escape them. Well, some details have been known about what is upgrade to in the second installment of this terminal that focus especially on the screen.

Great advance in the panel of the new Xiaomi folding

According to information that has seemedthe screen that will be type flexible LTPO will have an improvement in what has to do with the resolution because this will be 2K. Therefore, significant progress is made for the terminal to be considered premium and compete face to face with the Samsung Galaxy. Another of the great advances that will be part of the Xiaomi Mi Fold 2 will be that the frequency of the panel will double, since it will reach the 120Hz a figure that, once again, shows indisputable progress.

It will also be interesting to confirm if there is a new light curvature on one side of the screen of new phones. The reasons for this will have to be known, but everything indicates that it is included to improve the appearance of the device and make it look much more striking. Besides, what is also certain is that the terminal will be quite thinner and will weigh significantly less.


What is known about the hardware

So far, there is not much data in this regard, but what is known is quite positive, as expected for a terminal that aims to exceed 1,000 euros without problems. So the processor would be a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 It will have a minimum of 12 GB of RAM. All this will be governed by Android 12 with its corresponding customization and it is believed that the battery will have a charge of more than 5,000 mAh.

Additionally, it is thought that the camera will have a sensor of no less than 108MP something that would be surprising considering that everything indicates that the thickness of the new Xiaomi folding will be quite small… something that does not fit with the aforementioned resolution. In what has to do with its arrival on the market, it is normal that this occurs once the summer is over, but knowing this company, it can always surprise that there is an advance.

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