The e-book market is ruled with an iron fist by Amazon. But this does not mean that other companies are not fighting to get a piece of the cake, and an example of what we say is Xiaomi, which is from the manufacturers that have no limits. It has just announced a new model that is a most striking option and that can make things complicated for the Kindle.

The model we are talking about is the Xiaomi Electronic Paper Book Pro II, which is a device that has a screen of 7.8 inches, quite large, there is everything to say, which has light so that the device can be used when there is no light in the room (it has no less than 24 levels to choose from). Its electronic ink panel has a resolution of 300 dots per inch, which ensures excellent definition in the letters that are seen.

Good performance in this Xiaomi

Considering that despite the aforementioned screen size, this eReader weighs only 250 grams and a thickness of seven millimeters, which ensures very good usability, it should be noted that in terms of autonomy this is a device that has nothing to send to any of those currently for sale, since the manufacturer ensures that can be reached at six weeks. A magnificent figure that is achieved because it has a 3,200 mAh battery.


When it comes to integrated hardware, it fits highlight that Xiaomi has chosen components that offer unquestionable power for an electronic book. Thus, inside you will find a processor of quad core and 2GB of RAM. Therefore, reading is always fluid and there is no delay. In addition, the internal storage is thirty-two gigabytes, more than enough to carry thousands of books stored so that you always have something to read. And why is this deployment necessary? Since the embedded operating system is Android 11so the flexibility of the Xiaomi Electronic Paper Book Pro II is excellent.

Price of this eBook

First we want to emphasize that this is a model that has Wifi to be able to access the cloud (apart from having Bluetooth and a USB port). Also, when it comes to file type compatibility, you won’t have any problems with PDFs, ePubs, and even DOCs. The selling price of this Xiaomi Electronic Paper Book Pro II is about 185 euros to changewhich is not bad at all and it is expected that it will soon be put on sale outside of China.

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