In these times, where it is being shown that security in mobile terminals is often conspicuous by its absence, all steps taken to increase it are welcome. And, by the looks of it, WhatsApp have already decided to make a qualitative leap in this regard. We tell you what it is.

For a long time there has been speculation about the possibility that, finally, the well-known messaging application (the most widely used in the world at the moment) will make an important leap to ensure that nothing and no one can see the conversions you have with a contact. And, the way to achieve it is by introducing the end to end encryption when using a chat. Therefore, it is equal to what many of its competitors offer… like Telegram, for example.

What exactly does this mean?

Well, without you having to do anything, before the information you send to a contact comes out, it is encrypt and, consequently, no one can intercept them to know what is in it (and this is also the case with WhatsApp itselfp). So, and how the receiver has the key that allows the data to be decrypted, this will be the only one that can read the text or see the image you share. A great option that has been used for a long time in the technological sectors, but it is now that the company owned by Meta seems to be taking the necessary steps to integrate.


Applying this does not restrict any of the functions that exist in the app and, neither, does it cause delivery times to slow down. But, so that everything runs smoothly, for the time being this new functionality has only been seen in the trial version of Android (but it will soon also be available in the iOS versions and for computers): This means that you want speed up the implementation process. Very good news!

It will not be a problem in WhatsApp

We say this because users will not notice anything about the use of end-to-end encryption, since the only thing they will notice is a message in the lower area of ​​the screen indicating that this new function is active and, therefore, that you have to be calm when chatting with a contact. We will see how long it takes to implement this new option in WhatsApp, but with the problems derived from Pegasus, it is sure that you want to shorten the deadlines radially (so it would not be surprising if everything was available next month).

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