What makes Software Testing and QA so crucial?

Software has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Like humans’ software too will need to evolve through regular software updates to perform efficiently. With endless technical progress and the release of new products, applications and more, the software will require more testing thoroughly than ever. That’s why Andrew Matthews Director of Clever Software Group, a bespoke software company in the UK, offers to share his insight and knowledge on what makes software testing and Quality Assurance (QA) so crucial.

Defining Software Testing and Quality Assurance 

Simply put, software testing is a run-through of checking software products for bugs and errors for them to perform efficiently. While QA is the process of ensuring that your product is of the highest quality while meeting the business requirements.

Software testing aims to find errors, gaps, or bugs during the software development cycle. When running software, often there can be errors that appear in any phase of the cycle, and sometimes they are undetected especially if the product is complex and large, which will then be hard to detect, after all, human errors are easily made. So essentially, software testing is needed in order to provide reliable, secure, and high performing products.

While software testing is important for the efficiency of a business application, QA cannot be ignored. QA is the process of ensuring that your product is of the highest possible quality. Quality checking only prevents issues within the software product or service, ensures a great user experience is delivered for your customers.

Here are 5 reasons why Software Testing and QA Is so crucial.

  1. Gaining Customer trust 

What is software if it cannot simply satisfy a user’s need? All software has one aim, which is to fulfil the required task for the user. Software testing makes sure that the product is user-friendly. As bespoke software developers, we craft every user experience from the ground up. A process that begins by understanding who the end user is. By getting to know the user’s role, their needs, their values, as well as any limitations they may face, we are able to build a digital experience which is purposeful and relevant. Unless software can satisfy a user’s need, it would be practically useless.

There is so much enterprise software out there; some that can be purchased off the shelf and then there are bespoke software systems that we at Clever Software Group develops specifically for different user needs and business goals.  For instance, a warehouse in a company may need bespoke software to track its employees and products which can be an entirely different product from a travel company trying to sell holiday packages that require two easy buttons to book.

Trust cannot be bought it can only be earned; user-friendly and functioning software without errors and bugs is what users require. If software is reliable and performs exactly how we need it to, we can build trust in the system. So, testing throughout the development lifecycle is invaluable in gaining customer trust.

  1. Cost-effective in the long run  

As bespoke software is built specifically for each business it can be a rather complex process and is an investment piece. So, it is best practice for the software development company to run regular testing and QA during the development. Even though it may take longer to complete the required product, discovering an error and fixing it at an earlier stage can reduce unexpected costs at the end of the project, or a worst-case scenario, after the product has gone live.

  1. Quality of the product 

Enterprise software is created to bring efficiency to the business. Part of software testing is ensuring the quality performs as the user needs it to. With the array of devices that we have nowadays, it is best practice to test not only the efficiency of software but also, the compatibility with different operating systems and devices. The user experience should also be accessible to the audience’s needs. For Instance, a healthcare company may need an application for their patient so the developer must think about the overall user experience including the different types of devices each patient will have.

  1. Enhance the development process 

While the focus of software testing and QA is on the end product, the main thing we must be analytical throughout is to simply enhance the development process. Software testing and software development should run alongside each other, as they can quicken the development process and make it more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective. As when an error or a bug occurs during the development, this allows the developer to address the issue promptly, improving the overall quality of the software product.

  1. Security 

Last but not least, are security considerations. There is nothing worse than a user is inputting personal information into a live software when an error occurs. When this happens, it can signify that software is not secure. Which can then lead to many problems, such as miscommunications, privacy leaks and data gaps. And security is what makes people believe in the quality of the software. That is why users are looking for trusted products that they can rely on. As a user, I am always looking for products that I would give my information to with confidence and know will be safe. Especially in banking software, it is imperative that quality measures and standards are in place to ensure our data security is never compromised.


Software testing and QA is of high value in the world of bespoke software development. Without these processes in place, the software would simply be impractical having these processes in the development cycle will ensure exceptional quality of the product. Moreover, it will offer better usability, enhanced functionality, and reduced maintenance costs. Which not only works well for the developer but ultimately for the business who are looking for their bespoke software to take their company to the next level.


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