What is the latest change of social media marketing and green marketing?

social media marketing and green marketing
Photo by Magnus Mueller from Pexels

Marketing is the terminology, where the marketer should be focused to achieve good kindreds with the customers while selling their products. May be many people know about social media marketing, but very few people know about Green Marketing. In traditional marketing, what people usually do? They promote their product (Goods) and services to the customers.

In the case of Social media marketing, they promote their products and services on Facebook, Instagram, youtube, twitter, etc. online. And in Green marketing, E-commerce companies follow some appropriate strategies to get those customers who are fulfilling their social responsibility by selling green, which is eco-friendly and organic products online.

Earlier, a couple of years back, the meaning of online marketing is simply buying clothes, Electronic items, books, and appliances. But, lately, social media is taking a superb initiative to promote green everywhere in the globe.

Social media marketing for eCommerce:

Earlier social media marketing was used for entertainment purposes. Still, nowadays, many big companies are deploying Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization to get public consciousness about their brand. An E-commerce on social media is getting stronger day by day. Each small and large brand is running social media campaigns for lead generations. Social media marketing networks have become retail marketers nowadays.

Goals of green marketing?

Applying supportable business practices

Representative social responsibility

Reducing expenditures like packaging, transportation, energy, water usage, etc.

Representing how safe and watchful products or services are


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