The devices echo from amazon, which are compatible with the Alexa voice assistant, offer a large number of functionalities beyond asking them questions and having them answer you or being able to manage other accessories that are compatible. An example is the one that allows making calls between them and establishing direct communication, called Drop In. We tell you what exactly this is.

This tool is a function that through wireless communication It makes it possible to make voice calls to all the devices that have access to Alexa within a WiFi network and, if desired, it is even what allows you to make calls to all the contacts that you have in the phone book. And, all this, without adding costs for using it and with a simplicity that is frankly good. Therefore, it is an excellent idea that you put it to use.

What can you do with Drop In?

Well apart from what has been said, its functions make it a great accessory to be able to use it alarm clock, since you can send voice messages online to an Amazon Echo device in your home connected to the same wireless network. Obviously, this is also a great way to warn everyone that the food is ready, for example.

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It also makes it possible to hold conversations with other people who are in the same house, but in different rooms, something that many surely used in times of pandemic. This is because you can even use the phone as an element that is inside the devices that allow you to use Drop In.

How to use this feature on Amazon Echo

Well, there is nothing complicated about it, since you simply have to say the voice command: “Alexa, Drop In”, and the wizard guides you through the steps you need to take to establish the communication you want. In the case of using a phone, things are not particularly difficult either because the steps are as follows: open the application Alexa of the terminal and, in the lower area, select Communications. A screen appears where the tool icon is and when you press it, you simply have to choose the Amazon Echo you want to talk to. It’s all that simple.

Activate Amazon Drop In

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Communication not working?

It is possible that the device in question does not have the function we are talking about active. To check it and change the situation you must Do the next:

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone and select Devices from the bottom.
  • On the screen that appears, click on the one that does not work Drop In and, then, when you see everything that has to do with the accessory, you must use the gear-shaped icon in the upper right as usual.
  • Now select Communications and you will see that there is a section called Drop In, check that it is activated and, if not, click on it to do this.

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