Vodafone launches a telecommuting system designed for small businesses

Vodafone brings the office home to SMEs and freelancers. That is the objective of ‘Vodafone Pack Telecommuting’, a system that the operator has launched to encourage work from any location, guaranteeing security and connectivity to the professional.

From the operator they assure that teleworking has increased by 68%, which has meant that more and more professionals require solutions that allow them to carry out their work in the best possible way.

Basic tools for teleworking

Vodafone’s new system includes a laptop with wireless headphones. Companies are also offered the Vodafone One Plus package through which they can get 600 Mbps fiber connectivity. Professionals will have a main line with maximum 5G speed and unlimited data and minutes to prevent the connection from slowing down.

On the other hand, at the daily work level, the operator has included access to Office 365 Business edition in the teleworking package. It is a cloud solution that integrates Microsoft Office, which can be installed on up to five devices; Microsoft Office online, which allows online meetings through Teams, as well as storage with OneDrive and SharePoint.

Advanced connectivity features

The company complements this launch with the ‘Increased Connectivity Lite’ service, which provides advanced connectivity, security and telecommuting features for SMEs with less than 10 employees.

Likewise, Vodafone is helping companies in their digitization process. To do this, it signed up for the Digital Kit, the program that offers aid on account of European Next Generation funds, to those companies that undertake their digital transformation.

The director of Vodafone Business, Daniel Jiménez, assures that they are convinced that the proposal “will be very well received among professionals who now also work from home, because it is a comprehensive solution that offers the services that are needed day by day. to work more efficiently and with total connectivity”.

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