Viajes Carrefour offers to relocate 80% of the personnel affected by the ERE

The negotiation to close the ERE at Viajes Carrefour continues to advance. After several meetings between the company and the unions, the number of 257 affected by the ERE (83% of the 309 workers) has dropped substantially thanks to the commitment to relocate with indefinite employment started by the unions from the company.

In the last meeting, Viajes Carrefour put on the table a proposal to relocate 80% of the personnel affected by ERTE (200 people) in other divisions of the French distribution giant, thereby the number of laid off was reduced to just 57 people. On the sidelines of the ERE would be the 52 workers of the headquarters, linked to administrative or technological jobs.

On the other side, the company achieved the commitment of the representatives of the workers who The seniority in the travel agency will be taken into account in the future whenever the worker is dismissed improperly. In all other circumstances, the worker’s seniority counter will be reset, adding a supplement to his payroll, once he starts working at his new job.

In the case of the 57 workers who could be laid off, The proposal for compensation is divided between those over and under 55 years. For the former, an indemnity of 33 days is offered with a maximum of 12 months plus the special Social Security contribution agreement up to 63 years of age, which guarantees the contribution up to that age, while for the latter the offer is 28 days a year with a maximum of twelve per month.

The meeting also served to increase to 18 the number of agencies that will be freed from closure by the ERE. This means two more than the previous proposal and that one in four agencies will be able to continue working, despite the general collapse of income in the sector. The criteria for choosing agencies will be based on sales.

“We request a last effort to keep the largest number of open agencies and a 100% employability offer. Being aware that we have also advanced a lot in the negotiation We ask for an increase in compensation amounts, which could reach 33 days for those under 55 and 45 for those over 55“, stressed sources from the Federation of CC OO Services.


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