Viajes Carrefour finalizes an ERE that will suppress 82% of its 76 stores

Travel agencies spent their last bullet on Wednesday. In the meeting you held the president of the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies, Carlos Garrido, with the General Director of Labor, Verónica Martínez, the companies learned first-hand that the Government not willing to remove the job retention clause of six months that must accept those companies that renew the ERTE.

After ten months without income and with more than 86% of employees with suspended employment, the abolition of this clause was the main demand of the agencies to benefit from the ERTE and at the same time activate the dismissals due to the impossibility of assuming more costs without income. Once they know that they are not going to get it, the agencies are going to dust off plan B, which involves not taking advantage of the ERTE and launching collective layoffs. And the first thing to do is Carrefour Travel, that finalizes an ERE, as indicated by CC OO in a statement, which will mean the closure of 63 of the 76 offices it has (82% of the total) and the dismissal of at least 125 of the 350 workers it has on staff ( 30% of the total).

Negotiates relocation of 125 employees, 50% of those affected by the collective dismissal

Last Monday the third meeting of the ERE negotiating committee took place, in which the company confirmed that only 13 open agencies will remain, which will be chosen by criteria of billing, telephone sales and customer flow. What has changed is the volume of workers who will be laid off as well as the criteria for selecting those who will eventually stay. Faced with a first offer in which a massive dismissal was chosen (254 of the 350 workers), the company has softened the proposal and has offered the possibility of relocating 50% of the people initially included in the ERE (125 workers), in other formats of the French giant, always taking into account the criteria of age.


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