“Reply downvotes” could change the dynamics of the platform. With them, users can express their displeasure with the comments of others.

In their basic framework, social media platforms are based, on the one hand, on the fact that users provide content. And secondly, that this content is rated good or not so good by the opinion of the community. This also applies to Twitter. There, users can mark tweets with “Like”. There are no downvotes such as on YouTube. That could change soon, at least for the comments section.

Reply Downvotes auf Twitter

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong regularly discovers unpublished features in the code of the App. She shares these discoveries on Twitter. Now she discovered an explanatory screen for the “Reply Downvotes”.

According to this, Twitter users could add downvotes to replies to tweets if they are irrelevant in their opinion. The dislike count would not be publicly available (just like YouTube decided for itself). But the downvotes are intended to help Twitter rank more relevant content better.

The system is very reminiscent of Reddit, which sorts its content completely through up and down votes. Opinions are divided in the comments. YouTube recently removed the display of downvotes because this led some user groups to breaking new dislike records. According to the information on the screenshot, Twitter is not planning any public announcement for the time being. But the dynamics on the platform are likely to change if content that has been voted down appears further down in the feed.

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