Twitter’s Spaces audio feature continues to take shape. Now hosts get a useful session recording feature.

With audio-only features and Apps like Clubhouse, Facebook Rooms, Twitter Spaces – and recently Spotify Greenroom – is primarily about the auditory live experience of the user. But at least Spaces doesn’t have to stop at volatility. Because Twitter’s big audio expansion gets some helpful new features. Next to one Spaces Tab and a scheduling tool, there is also the option of recording sessions. However, there is a caveat.


The ability to record a Space is now available to everyone Android and iOS users have been rolled out. This was confirmed by Twitter on its own platform via tweet:

Accordingly, hosts can initiate a recording with the “Record Space” button when starting the session, which is publicly available for 30 days after the end of the session – like a time-limited podcast.

This update is from 01/14/2022.

Recording tool for Twitter Spaces: Make extensive use of the experience

Officially rolled out Twitter Spaces in early May 2021 after a long test phase. Numerous functions of the feature have already been presented – the users meanwhile also use the web version be able. For example, the option to join a space via a purple ring around a host’s profile picture (which was still a test at the time). Twitter has now integrated this option:

Also new is that Spaces users can finally plan a Space in advance and promote it two weeks before the session. The clickable hashtags and mentions for the title of a space are also suitable for this. The information about the space can still be changed at any time.

But a completely different function now gives Spaces users completely new potential. Because Twitter also announced on its own platform that hosts can now record the sessions at Spaces. However, these must not be more than 30 days ago.

Proximity to the podcast: audio recording as a valuable tool for brands and creators

This little addition to the Spaces toolbox could be particularly valuable for brands and personal brands. Thanks to the recordings of the sessions, you can not only analyze potentially relevant moments of the conversation. The option should also be helpful for marketing and content strategy. After all, the recordings can be forwarded to participants from the space if they are interested. In addition, exciting snippets from the session could be used as audio branding on social media or your own website. And upcoming events could also be advertised via audio excerpt.

Monetization as an important factor in the competition for the audio-only experience

The proximity to the podcast is unmistakable with this function. With an uncomplicated recording function, Twitter user spaces could learn to appreciate not only as a live, but also as an on-demand audio environment.

So the competition between Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and Clubhouse continues. The large number of new features and the native integration into the app make Twitter Spaces an exciting solution for many creators. Ultimately, however, it could also be decisive which audio experience offers the best monetization options in the long term.

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