Tubacex relieves the president almost three decades later and seeks labor peace

Change in the presidency of Tubacex almost three decades later. Francisco García Sanz, with a long history in the automotive sector, will take over from Álvaro Videgain, who in 1992 assumed the leadership of the seamless tube manufacturer when it was in bankruptcy. New president in full labor conflict over the adjustment plan. Tubacex has submitted to the works council and its workers a proposal to try to unblock a conflict that has been blocking its two plants in Álava for months. The offer maintains the 129 layoffs but with an improvement in severance pay.

The seamless tube manufacturer commits, after this adjustment, to maintain employment and salary levels until 2024. Its proposal includes an extra annual pay equivalent to 1% of salary, only if the objectives of viability at the Laudio / Llodio and Amurrio plants, both in Álava.

The group is also making investments in both facilities, with a new range of products linked to hydrogen. The strikes have caused “a serious deterioration” in the aforementioned plants, according to Tubacex, which sets an expiration date on its offer. It will only be valid with the return to normal production before the end of this month.


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