There may be different reasons for wanting to change the Username what do you have in Instagram: that you are bored with the current one or that you are looking for something a little more professional, are some examples. Luckily, and unlike other social networks, this Meta allows you to modify this information without many problems (and as many times as you want). We show you how to get it.

It is important not to confuse the username with the one that is shown to the rest of those who have a Instagram account. The first one is unique and has some restrictions, such as that you can’t use emojis in it. Therefore, it is the one identifies you internally in the service. On the contrary, the one that everyone sees in your profile (and by which you are known), has a greater number of options such as the one that you can include more than 30 characters -it is possible to use specials-.

Change of username on Instagram, so you can do it

Next, we leave you the steps you have to take to carry out this change process both from the application for devices mobiles as in the client Web which you access from the browser you use on your computer. As you will see, the process is not particularly long and since it is official, everything works perfectly. This is what you have to do:

In the Instagram app

  • Once you are inside the application entering the credentials of the account you want to use, you must go to the lower left area and click on the image that identifies your account.
  • Now you must click on the button called Edit profile that is just below the biography that you have in the app. Next, look for the Username section.
  • Delete the one you have and write the new one, if you have complied with the corresponding rules that Instagram has, all you have to do is use the blue verification element in the upper right.
  • You have finished and the change has occurred.

Smart Life

Use the browser to make the change

  • Access the website of the social network through this link.
  • Now, once you enter the corresponding username and password, in the upper right area you have to use the profile option that is on the service’s home page.
  • Now use the Edit profile button and, then, in the Username section you must remove the existing one and put the new one.
  • Save what you have done and, from this moment, you already use the new one.

Instagram website name

Smart Life

As you have seen, everything is tremendously easy to achieve this on Instagram, and best of all, you can constantly make changes if you need to (as long as the chosen name is unique, since the user name cannot be repeated). A great success on the part of the social network to offer this possibility.

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