Just over a year ago, the long-awaited digital agenda for our country, Spain Digital 2025, was launched, a plan that marked the way forward to promote digital development over the next five years, something urgent after the pandemic. The goal: for digitization to be the lever for recovery and transformation and to elevate the country to a strong position from a business and economic point of view. According to the latest update of the state of the plan by the Government, it is estimated that by the end of this year 35% of the commitments defined in it will have been fulfilled.

This plan came at a time when awareness of the digital emergency in Spanish business society was stronger than ever, an aspect that is undoubtedly helping us to assume our new role. We know very well the advantages we had before starting this plan, such as having one of the most important fiber optic networks in Europe and good health in 5G development, which places us at the head of the EU in projects and pilot tests with this technology, according to the European 5G Observatory. However, we can affirm that we are not, not even close, in a position of digital maturity.

The Spain Digital 2025 plan consists of about 50 measures that are articulated around ten strategic axes. All of them will involve structural reforms that, among other benefits, will reduce the digital divide and, therefore, will promote the universalization of digitization, a key goal from my point of view. In particular, I would like to highlight five of them that, if completed successfully, could be the key to our digital development.

In the first place, the axis on digital connectivity is the one that focuses the most on achieving the universalization of digitalization, since it seeks the complete disappearance of differences between rural and urban areas, in such a way that the entire population will have coverage by 2025.

Secondly, and from the business perspective, we are especially interested in the axis on strengthening the digital skills of professionals. Basic digital skills are no longer an additional plus, they are a necessary subject if we want the supply and demand of the labor market to be balanced, and it is crucial for companies to undertake this transformation. This imbalance is already posing a big problem and could soon become one of the most important obstacles to the digitization of the business fabric.

Third, the digitization of SMEs and micro-SMEs is another of the strengths of this plan. The idea is that e-commerce drives a good part of the economy and that no business is left behind by not adapting to current market demands. Although we cannot consider that the ecommerce is the only element of digitization that SMEs need, but a small part of the transformation.

Fourth, another crucial aspect: that sectors such as agri-food, mobility, health, tourism, commerce or energy take on the digital transformation in an effective way, while working to reduce CO2 emissions by 10%. . One thing will bring the other.

The fifth axis that will have a great impact is the one related to the data economy, an economy that is already of the present, and a culture, that of data, which is still conspicuous by its absence. In Spain there is a lack of data culture and, on the one hand, we should be very clear that no business decision will make sense if it is not made based on data analysis and, on the other hand, that data is the essential raw material for the application of artificial intelligence, a fundamental technology to take the next level leap in all areas.

Finally, other axes, such as complete preparation for 5G, an adequate cybersecurity capacity, the defense of rights in the new digital environment, the digitization of public administrations and the promotion of Spain as an audiovisual attraction complete this ambitious plan that If completed successfully, it would boost our country in a race in which we are lagging behind and in which we still have a long way to go. Will we get there by 2025?

Gianni Cecchin you are CEO of Verne Technology Group


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