The appraiser Tinsa has bought Persch Consult GmbH Chartered Surveyors, the second largest independent real estate appraisal company in Germany, as reported by the company on Monday, thus strengthening its presence in the country, its second largest European market.

With a staff of 40 workers, the German appraiser Persch, which has offices in six German cities and in Copenhagen (Denmark), specializes in the valuation of real estate assets, due diligence processes and advice and works for all the large banks and German savings banks.

With this operation, Tinsa plans to increase its turnover in Germany by 25% next year, a country where it landed last year with the purchase of On-geo, the largest data and valuation software company in the country.

The valuer Persch plans to reach a turnover of 8 million euros in 2021, which will raise Tinsa’s turnover in Germany to 37 million and will allow it to add a workforce of almost 200 employees in the country.

Persch Consult GmbH Chartered Surveyors will continue to operate under its current brand and the same local management team, led by its founder and CEO, Nikolaus Persch.

The president and CEO of Tinsa, Ignacio Martos, stressed that the purchase of this asset also reinforces the company’s core business, the valuation of real estate assets, which in recent years “has undergone a tremendous transformation to integrate technology in all processes “.

In 2021, Tinsa’s international activity will represent more than 50% of the group’s business. “We remain attentive to new opportunities that add value and allow us to bring Tinsa’s differential service and technology to new geographies and business areas,” Martos added.


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