TikTok is testing a new application that can stream in real time via the desktop. Is the Bytedance app now focusing more on the gaming community?

Social media, Entertainment and gaming will merge more and more in the coming years. That doesn’t just see App Annie CEO Ted Kratz ahead for 2022, but is also the assumption for the coming year at TikTok. Or so it seems. Because the byte dance App launched the TikTok Live Studio app for a selected user group. With this, users can start live streams via the desktop and broadcast them directly via their TikTok profile. Insider Zack Bussey discovered the application and shared the first screenshots of it on Twitter:

TikTok turns to the gaming industry

The shared images show that TikTok’s new Live Studio app is primarily designed for streaming online games. In addition, TikTok users can chat with viewers during the live stream. The application is very reminiscent of the Twitch streaming platform. This is very popular with the gaming community for following “Play With Me” streams or the like. So does this platform also have to be wary of the resounding success of TikTok?

The Bytedance app has already shaken the social media world and prompted it Meta, Twitter and Snapchat to shift their focus more to video content. The fact that TikTok is now turning to the video game market seems a logical step for the trend app. For Twitch, however, this means that in the future its own offers will have to be expanded in order to keep the creators on their own platform. Because it is likely that popular TikToker: inside use the platform to let their community participate in their gaming experiences, if this is offered in an application.

Where will Gaming Creator stream in the future?

Also could TikTok is already the one billion user mark crack, which could make the app particularly attractive for active gaming creators because of its reach. To keep up with this, Twitch could offer creators improved monetization options, for example. Because in the end, creators stay where they can earn the most money with their content. And where the creators are, there are also the users. And where the users are, lucrative advertising partnerships are not far away.

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