It is possible that you have been considering the possibility of entering the world of 3D printing for some time, since there are many things that can be done with these devices and, in addition, their use is becoming easier and easier. But there are things that right now can be quite a handicap… And the time required to obtain the results, which are excessive, are a clear example. Well, with the printer Anker Make M5 this is a thing of the past.

This is a model that has characteristics that make it one of the best that currently exists for personal and even professional use. But without a doubt, one of the things that makes this 3D printer attractive is that it is capable of reduce usage times by an average of 70%. An atrocity. We already talked about complex options, such as figures with details.

The Inca manufacturer itself that works that usually need 31 hours to be completed, with this AnkerMake model only ten are necessary. The truth is that this is a spectacular discount. The way to achieve this is through the use of technology. PowerBoost. This transmits more energy to its dual-belt motor and, through an algorithm that is controlled by a powerful dual-core processor, faster movement is achieved without losing precision.

A definition that is excellent

This is a filament model that has a precision that reaches nothing less than 0.1 millimeter. Therefore, it is possible to obtain very smooth as well as precise and highly profiled finishes. Consequently, the usual sanding often required for the results of this type of product is completely avoided.


Additionally, it is important to mention that its extrusion unit perfectly accompanies the speed of work, since it multiplies by five the speed with which it works when expelling the material used. In addition, it has a very interesting detail: the nozzle is at a particularly short distance, which reduce errors and improves process control. Be careful, and all this with a double cooling system that prevents failures and speeds up drying.

Camera control when using this AnkerMake

This is something that also differentiates this 3D printer from those that currently exist. is included a camera that controls the entire printing process through the use of the aforementioned processor and with algorithms of Artificial intelligence. In this way, if there is any variation with respect to the original model that has been sent, the process is stopped and the corresponding notification is made. Therefore, you have exceptional quality control.

Camera integrated in the AnkerMake M5 printer


If you add to all this that it includes a application print control (you can even send jobs from anywhere via WiFi); not missing one screen to make job management as easy as possible; and even that the assembly process is surprisingly simpleit is not surprising that the AnkerMake M5 has achieved no less than 6.5 million euros on Kickstarter where you can buy in this link for a price that stands at $629… which is not crazy at all.

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