The unions raise to 400 the dismissals of NH in central services and reserves

Last Monday the 8th the ERE clock started ticking in NH, the first large hotel company in Spain that has chosen to initiate a collective dismissal despite the fact that the ERTE of force majeure are extended until May 31, 2021 and that the poor business prospects suggest that they will continue to be extended at least until the end of anus.

Miguel Ángel Órtiz, head of hosting of the Federation of CC OO Services in Madrid, alerts that the number of people affected by the ERE has risen to 400 people and that NH wants to take advantage of the crisis caused by the pandemic. “He is going to fire part of his staff and later hire cheaper workers with less seniority and fewer rights“, he stresses. This organization has already held a first rally on Wednesday in front of the NH Nacional hotel and will repeat the call on the 17th in front of the NH Principe de Vergara, both in Madrid. The union organization demands the withdrawal of the ERE and the application of an ERTE due to force majeure, just as the competition, such as Meliá, Barceló, Riu, Iberostar, Hotusa or Room Mate are doing in a massive way. “It is about applying a dramatic, drastic and definitive decision to a crisis that is temporary.”

From the union central it is recalled that NH has also benefited from important aid during the twelve months of the pandemic. Specifically, as contained in its annual management report for 2020, The hotel company directed by Ramón Aragonés saved 36.93 million in salaries and 15.79 million in social contributions thanks to the ERTE of force majeure, with which the savings amounted to 52.72 million in 2020. Personnel expenses were cut in half, from € 448 million to € 268 million, thanks to ERTEs, temporary layoffs, and reductions in wages and working hours during the ten-month pandemic in 2020.

This savings of 180 million euros in personnel costs achieved by NH is well above that achieved by Meliá, which in its latest accounts revealed that this item fell from 212.9 to 109.2 million euros, which represented a saving of 103.7 million, of which 10.5 million corresponded to the lower payment of contributions.


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