One hundred percent of union representation of Unicaja Banco (CCOO, UGT, CIC, CESICA and CSIF) has convened for this Friday which is, according to CCOO, the entity’s first labor strike, as a protest to the employment regulation file (ERE) that claims carry out the bank.

The plants have made this decision after not perceiving progress in the negotiations of dismissal and collective transfer in the meetings of the November 23 and 24 and one week after the end of the period to reach an agreement on the ERE, which could affect 1,513 employees and the closure
of 395 offices.

The CCOO Head of Communication, Alicia Domínguez, has insisted in which social strikes have previously been carried out, but this is “the first strike of the entity” and has slipped that they have a “good hunch “regarding the intention conveyed by the workers to secondary
the strike.

UGT has encouraged workers to back the strike with cuts of press headlines in which news from a wide range of monitoring of other strikes in entities such as Banco Sabadell, Caixabank or BBVA, argued that this method of protest “works”.

The CIC central, which includes SUMA-T, STC and SIBANK, has offered a series of guidelines for the follow-up of the strike, in which he explains to workers who do not have to communicate that they endorse it or sign in the office since, recalls the union, it is a fundamental right
collected in the Spanish Constitution.

CESICA, like the rest of the unions, has notified the entity that no delegate may use union hours on the day of the strike to be in the same situation as the rest of their peers and place to the staff to support it because “it does not deserve these dismissals that will affect to numerous families “.

Until last week political representatives had remained on the sidelines of these negotiations, but this Thursday the counselor of the Chairman of the Board, Elías Bendodo, has expressed his “concern” on the evolution of these and has urged the parties to reach an agreement “least harmful” for workers.

In addition to the strike on the 26th, the unions have led to carry out a mobilization in front of the headquarters of the bank and the Unicaja Foundation in Malaga, and they will focus this Friday in Seville, Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca, León, Valladolid and Toledo whereby the
CSIF union considers the “worst ERE in the sector”.

This ERE negotiation takes place after the merger of Unicaja Banco and Liberbank, which led to the creation of the fifth bank in the country, with a current volume of assets close to 110,000 million, plus 4.5 million clients and approximately 1,400 offices.

The entity intends to terminate almost 2,700 employees given that the 1,513 dismissals add up to 1,200 early retirements, 730 of which were on leave of absence at Liberbank and 437 from the former Unicaja Banco with the that an agreement has been reached.


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