The textile employers warn of mass closures in the coming weeks in the sector

The president of the Acotex textile trade association, Eduardo Zamácola, warned this Tuesday that there will be “mass closures in the coming weeks” of stores and establishments in the sector. In his appearance in the Commission of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Zamácola Congress, he specified that the summer season in the sector “has just begun and it is very likely that many stores will not be able to bear” the critical situation they are going through.

To questions from parliamentary groups about the recent royal decree on direct aid to companies in the sector, Zamácola has assured that “they arrive too late and are insufficient.” Of the aid package, it has insisted on the 7,000 million euros for SMEs and the self-employed affected by the crisis associated with the covid, and has stressed that “the small print speaks of compensation.”

He added that the measures contained in the rule “discriminate against those who cannot benefit from the aid for not having obtained benefits” in the preceding year. In a previous appearance also in the aforementioned Commission, the president of the Spanish Trade Confederation (CEC), Pedro Campo, has criticized the same royal decree for the exclusion of companies “in a situation of great vulnerability that is based only on economic criteria” .

Campo has described as “essential” that an economic plan and “concrete policies” be addressed for local commerce, and has proposed the CEC as a link between the Administration and the sector.

Zamácola has responded to the spokesperson of the United We Can Group Sofía Fernández about the effectiveness of the mobility restrictions during the pandemic and has emphasized that “they have not been positive.” “Spain is made a mess, health and economically,” said the president of Acotex, who, in his opinion, “you have to see what other countries have done, such as some Asians that there is a normal life after an aggressive closure of 14 days of people entering the country. ”

The coronavirus crisis has caused the collapse of 63,000 businesses dedicated to local commerce, and the situation, according to the president of the CEC, “will continue to worsen due to the contraction of private consumption.”

The textile sector had a turnover drop last March of 38% compared to the same month in 2019, according to Zamácola. The comparison with respect to the same month of 2020 shows a growth of 116.3%, a percentage altered by the strict confinement that caused the closure of all non-essential trade as of March 14 of last year.


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