The Princess of Girona Foundation and Aulaplaneta join to train teachers to bring programming to the classroom

The Princess of Girona Foundation and Aulaplaneta (Grupo Planeta) have reached an agreement with to promote the learning of code language in the classroom in Spain, through teachers. The objective of the alliance is to train at least 1,000 young teachers this year -through direct actions and the promotion of scholarships- in the acquisition of programming knowledge and the development of computational thinking, taking advantage of the landing in Europe of this non-profit organization founded just under a decade ago, according to the firms in a joint statement.

When digital competence is being progressively incorporated transversally to different areas of knowledge in education, it is important to emphasize also incorporating the language of code into it.

According to the report Computer science education in Spain 2015, 82% of parents and 76% of students do not know what computer science is and what subjects comprise it. The initiative, which originated in the United States in 2013, consists of a training content platform -which has already been translated into more than 70 languages- aimed at teachers and students and which is used today by more than one million teachers and 40% of American students.

The organization is endorsed by numerous global political, social and economic leaders, including the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, or the current one, Joe Biden; Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos; Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg; the four former presidents of our country; or the president of Telefónica, Jose María Álvarez-Pallete, among many others.

Students from all over the world have been able to participate more than 1,000 million times in the overall campaign The Hour of Code, an app designed to demystify programming from the game, showing that everyone can learn its basic concepts and that it helps foster problem-solving skills, logic and creativity.

The Princess of Girona Foundation, which actively works with young teachers through its Educational Transformation area and its program “Generation Teachers” and Aulaplaneta, the education area of ​​Grupo Planeta that facilitates the teaching task through digital, modular and customizable curricular resources, have joined to amplify and disseminate the work of the organization in our country.

Activities in the territory

The keys to the agreement include the financing of scholarships valued at €250 euros for young teachers to carry out the training CS Fundamentals Express 28 hours long and in an online and self-consuming format, which will allow them to implement and teach the fundamentals of computer science in their schools. A part of these scholarships will go to the NGO Azahara, the association promoted by Mohamed El Amrani (FPdGi Social Award 2014) that works from Salt (Girona) for the promotion of social entrepreneurship among groups of diverse origin and with the Cooperation for Development in the North of Morocco. Azahara, with a set of social entities and its own network of volunteers, will offer inspiring workshops on topics related to Soft Skills to the boys and girls who participate in the program.

In order to continue impacting the territory through its actions, the Princess of Girona Foundation will also offer scholarships in each of the cities through which the event will pass. Talent Tour 2022 (Malaga, Guadalajara, Logroño and Palma de Mallorca)initially holding a workshop in Malaga from March 7 to 10 from The Hour of Code open to teaching professionals. Likewise, another session of The Hour of Code in the 3000 homes in Seville by the Alalá Foundation (Art and Culture for Integration), that actively works on the spot with children at risk of social exclusion.


Spain has been the first country in Europe in which the organization has landed after its launch in Latin America in 2018. Hadi Partovi, founding CEO of explained in a conference he offered last October at the headquarters of the Princess of Girona Foundation that “Teaching computer science is as necessary as mathematics or biology, because society is digital”. An objective of the organization is to implement programming in Primary and Secondary as a core subject.

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