Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones have now become a fundamental part of our daily lives. We do not merely use them to make phone calls. They now serve as a small computer in our hands that can bring up the solution to almost any task we have on our minds.

With this in mind, businesses now have a whole new front to market to. Mobile marketing is nothing new. Businesses have been targeting customers through mobile devices for a long time. However, mobile marketing automation is a fairly new concept, and it catches on quickly.

Mobile marketing automation saves time, brings more personalization to the campaigns, and has about a 50% more response rate than other types of marketing. If you haven’t yet automated your mobile marketing efforts, keep reading to know how it can change the whole dynamic of your business.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

Mobile marketing automation is simply sending automated marketing notifications and alerts to promote your business and offerings. It includes automated emails, push notifications, pop-up notifications, messages, SMS, geo-location alerts, and other promotional tactics.

Mobile marketing automation is about using digital tools and software to make it easy for a business to communicate with the audience using mobile phones for different tasks. An example is automated text messaging where users automatically receive notifications when your company posts on social media or when your brand has updates and promotions for abandoned carts.

The traditional marketing platforms are built to perform the same functions, but most are not catered to mobile users. Automated mobile marketing includes stuff like collecting user information, segmenting them according to the requirements, sending personalized messages, conducting deeper analysis, A/B testing, integrating with installed apps, and more.

Why Is Mobile Marketing Important?

The average screen time for 3.5 billion mobile users is 2 hours and 55 minutes daily. This gives you a lot of space to promote your business on mobile phones. Moreover, more than 50% of the traffic to e-commerce and other sites comes from mobile phone users. It shows that most consumers use mobile phones to make purchases most of the time.

Mobile devices have become more popular because of their high affordability and instant gratification. You can search for answers at any time on your phone and use it like a computer for a wide range of tasks.

All this and the advent of apps for every task have led people to use their phones for everything. Customers increasingly use their mobile phones to complete their purchase journeys, from research and comparison to buying and leaving feedback.

Besides the consumer, marketing agencies hop on this trend fast. About 92% of marketing agencies are investing an increased amount of resources into mobile marketing.

Choosing Mobile Marketing Automation  

Given that a huge number of people are currently on their phones, you must divert a portion of your marketing efforts to mobile devices. However, doing mobile marketing without automation is a waste of time and money. Several channels and models for mobile marketing are available today and are constantly going through upgrades and updates. One method of marketing won’t work on all kinds of devices.

For example, iOS and Android devices have different frameworks. Using apps on both these devices is a unique experience, and you would need different marketing tactics for them.

In such cases, you cannot go about marketing manually on mobiles. You need to use mobile marketing automation tools to help you send messages and notifications and do other tasks automatically without spending hours navigating the campaigns.

As consumer behavior and the way people move online have changed, mobile marketing automation tools have evolved as well. They are no longer limited to sending messages and notifications only.

You can use mobile marketing automation tools to deliver personalized user experiences, engage with customers, and build a data-driven framework for your business.

What Can You Automate in Mobile Marketing?

You can automate several different tasks in mobile marketing, such as:

  • Automated messages
  • Email communication
  • Pop-up communication on the site
  • SMS / MMS
  • Automated CRM
  • Automated recommendations of products
  • Billing
  • Communication through WhatsApp, etc.

Benefits of Automated Mobile Marketing

Here are a few benefits of using mobile marketing automation.

Saves Ample Time

Automation in anything saves time by doing the same tasks itself. You don’t have to go over the same details and set the same filters over and over again. All you have to do is do it once, and the automating tool will take care of it after that.

According to stats, automating tasks can save you up to 6 hours per day.

Provides a Personalized Experience

Personalization drives more sales. For example, recommending products people are more likely to buy based on previous purchases gives a personalized experience. This recommendation of products requires automation.

Following up on people’s activities, seeing what they like and what they buy, and getting their feedback require automating tasks. Mobile marketing automation will help you provide a personalized experience to your audience.

Captures Customers and Optimizes Their Purchase Journey

You can capture a larger market from people who use mobile phones through mobile marketing automation. Not only will it help you grab customers, but it will also help you optimize their journey to purchase.

For example, you can use mobile marketing automation to send automated text messages with a discount code for first-time buyers.

Ending Notes

Mobile marketing is more effective in targeting and converting a big portion of potential customers. It helps businesses become more strategic and efficient. When you add automation to the mix of mobile marketing, the combination is explosive.

Remember to use customer data wisely, do not oversee anything, keep the campaigns personalized and automated. Soon you will see more growth and engagement for your business than ever before.


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