The new CaixaBank meets for the first time with the unions this Tuesday to address the ERE

The management of the new CaixaBank will meet this Tuesday, April 13, with the workers’ representatives to initiate the procedure for collective dismissal and modification of conditions after the merger with Bankia has been made effective.

The details of the personnel integration process between both entities and the employment regulation file (ERE) will begin to be addressed in this first contact, which will begin the prior consultation period, which will last at least fifteen days and which will subsequently lead to formal negotiations that could be completed in the second quarter of the year.

Depending on the will of the negotiating table, the number of positions affected and the conditions established in the first offer launched by the bank may be lowered and improved, respectively.

The entity has ensured that it does not intend to undertake a traumatic process, but under the criteria of voluntariness and meritocracy, regardless of the entity of origin.

CC OO, as the majority union in both entities, has already clearly expressed its approach to this restructuring, which it has described as a “macro-process”, and which involves avoiding traumatic measures and giving priority to voluntariness. “We want good conditions, with maintenance or improvement of the ones we have,” he said.

For its part, UGT has affirmed that CaixaBank’s speed to close this process does not take them “far from it by surprise” and has ensured that its representation already has “its homework done”. This union will defend geographical non-mobility, minimize the impact on employment and total voluntary activity in departures, with attractive conditions that guarantee it.

It will also demand the non-application of closing clauses that imply completing the quotas with forced exits, as well as the upward approval and maintenance of rights and working conditions for the staff that remains.


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