The insolvency administrator opens the auction for Majorica to the five bids submitted
Showcase of a store with Majorica products, in Palma. Europa Press

The bankruptcy administrator in charge of the Majorica process has chosen why the five offers participate in the auction opened by the judge presented, instead of only those of Majolaperla and Jofra Deca, as raised the Court.

The insolvency administrator has opened a period of five days for all can improve their offers, which will compete in a sealed envelope, sAccording to sources close to the process have informed Europa Press. What’s more by Majolaperla y Jofra, sound Nova Mallorca, Groupe Marcel Robbez Masson and Orchid Pearls.

This week the Commercial Court rejected the proposal of the administrator to award Majorica in favor of the French Majolaperla SLU and agreed to hold a sub-chip. In principle, it was limited to Majolaperla and the Ibizan Jofra Deca SL, the two largest offers, although left the door open for the bankruptcy administrator to raise other possibilities.

Majolaperla, the one chosen by the bankruptcy administrator, raised an offer of 9.5 million euros – but only 97 jobs, the lowest employment figure – and Jofra 8.15 million –and 121 positions–. What’s more, Jofra’s proposal entered a possible modification of conditions labor.

The bankruptcy responds to the difficult economic situation that the company goes through. Majorica, based in Manacor, has noted with forces the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, because its sales are closely linked to tourism, with points of sale at airports and cruises.

During the pandemic, they tried to find formulas to overcome the crisis, but the bad figures of September and October 2020, after a summer of scarce sales, they forced to present the voluntary contest creditors.


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