The Government launches the UNICO plan to bring ultra-fast broadband to all of Spain

The Government announced this Monday the launch of the Program for the Universalization of Digital Infrastructures for Cohesion (UNICO Program), aimed at extending ultra-fast broadband to 100% of the Spanish population.

In a statement, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has explained that the first call will be endowed with 250 million euros. According to Nadia Calviño’s department, she is the oldest in history.

The UNICO Program will give continuity to the New Generation Broadband Extension Program (PEBA-NGA), started in 2013 and which has allowed Spain to take the lead in the deployment of ultra-fast broadband.

The new plan will serve as a framework for other calls and solutions that will facilitate the universalization of access to ultra-fast broadband throughout the territory. The Ministry indicates that the associated investments are included in component 15 of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (“Digital Connectivity, promotion of cybersecurity and deployment of 5G”), where the development of special projects to provide connectivity with speeds greater than 100 Mbps in remote rural areas.

“For the development of the UNICO Program, the Order of Bases that until now governed the programs to support the deployment of ultra-fast broadband networks has been adapted, in order to facilitate their financing with funds from the Union Recovery and Resilience Mechanism European. For this, the validity of the regulatory regulations is extended until 2024 ”, indicates the Ministry.

The department of Nadia Calviño indicates that, with the UNICO Program, the execution of one of the main actions of the Recovery Plan in the area of ​​digital connectivity begins. The Plan envisages an investment of 4,000 million euros to extend connectivity, accelerate the deployment of 5G networks and promote a cybersecurity ecosystem, of which more than 850 million are expected to be invested in 2021.


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