The dealers of the future will also sell solar panels

The dealership of the future is already being drawn. The sector is preparing investments of 290 million euros until 2023 in its physical and digital transformation that is based on four axes: energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and electric vehicles, digitization and training and, finally, circular economy and digital economy.

According to the dealers’ association, Faconauto, this change will reach 400 centers in the first stage and the investment could increase to 1,400 million in four years thanks to the boost from European funds.

The association has coordinated the presentation of two Expressions of Interest (MDIs) to the calls of the ministries of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. Under the titles ‘The concessionaire of the future in an ecosystem of sustainable and connected mobility’ and ‘Electric mobility: infrastructure for recharging, innovation and electrification of the mobile park’, the proposal wants to mobilize almost 500 million euros in the next three years.

Specifically, 108 million correspond to energy efficiency; 122 to the electric vehicle ecosystem; 66 to the digitization of the facilities and 200 to a mobility platform for the concessionaires through Niw (owned by Faconauto, BBVA and Mutua Madrileña).

As detailed by Faconauto this Friday at an online press conference, the electric ecosystem focuses on the commercialization of ‘zero emissions’ mobility and micromobility and alternative energies. Dealers will offer products such as charging points, energy contracting [con certificación renovable] or the installation of photovoltaic panels. By 2023, some 22,000 charging points would be launched.

The section on energy efficiency and cost reduction by rationalizing energy consumption includes a more rational use of lighting and air conditioning, as well as the promotion of 100% ‘green’ energy, among other elements. These actions will prevent the emissions of 102,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere per year.

For its part, the digitization axis includes the external processes of the concessionaires, such as sustainable mobility or logistics services, the digitization of internal business processes and training in digital skills of their employees.

Faconauto expects that around 5,000 jobs will be created throughout the process and has created a network of alliances with companies such as BBVA and Iberdrola. Accenture, and the Higher Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain are also part of the initiative.


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