The CNMV warns that they impersonate your identity in an attempt to fraud with cryptocurrencies

Some fraudsters use the name of the CNMV to deceive investors, as the market supervisor himself has warned in a press release. “The CNMV has again detected attempts to fraud investors using the identity of the body through telephone calls. The deception consists of a call from a non-existent “CNMV Anti-Fraud Department” that requests a series of data and personal information to sell bitcoins of an entity that has been falsely condemned by the courts of Justice.

In its statement, the CNMV ensures that it is a supervisory body that in no case offers investments and never asks investors for any type of information or personal data over the phone. “As soon as it became aware of the facts, the CNMV has carried out various actions, including alerting the State Security Forces and Bodies,” he adds.

The supervisor chaired by Rodrigo Buenaventura announces that “he will take legal action within his reach to prevent and limit these practices”, and, in any case, advises verifying the origin of any communication received on his behalf.

Specifically, it is recommended:

  • Remember that the CNMV would never invite you to make an investment or charge you for it. Do not trust any communication that includes the request for confidential, economic or personal information or includes any suspicious-looking link.
  • Verify that the CNMV emails come from the domain … and ensure the origin of the source, to rule out the existence of strange links unrelated to
  • Do not trust unofficial contracts or documents that include the CNMV logo. • In case of any suspicion or doubt, contact the Investors Department through the following inquiry form.
  • The CNMV appreciates citizen collaboration in reporting this type of fraud.
  • For this reason, it considers it useful that whoever has knowledge of a case of this type sends it to the CNMV so that the corresponding analysis is possible.

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