The CaixaBank volunteer program serves 120,000 people this year

The volunteer program of CaixaBank In 2020, it mobilized 12,531 volunteers, mainly active and retired employees of the entity, as well as employees of the “la Caixa” Foundation, family members, clients and people interested in working on solidarity initiatives.

In total, 4,105 activities have been carried out throughout Spain, corresponding to the various projects developed by the CaixaBank Volunteer Association throughout the year. Thanks to all this work, more than 120,000 people, mainly young people, the elderly, people with disabilities and families in vulnerable situations, have benefited this year of the activities carried out.

The level of activity in the program in 2020 has made it possible to carry out a daily average of a dozen solidarity activities and around 180 hours of volunteering. Altogether, adding all the contributions of the volunteers in the different activities, there have been more than 44,000 participations and 80,000 hours of dedication.

The program is structured in areas designed to respond to different needs, mainly in financial education, support in reading to children, training to alleviate the digital divide in the elderly, advice on employability and job placement and care for the environment.

In 2020, CaixaBank volunteers have participated in nearly 1,200 financial education activities, including workshops for people in difficult economic situations and also classes for 4th-year ESO students corresponding to the “Finance for Young People” program, developed in collaboration with the Institute of Financial Studies and the departments of Education of the different autonomous governments.

A total of 17,244 people have benefited from these workshops, which allow participants to have a better understanding of how to control their income and expenses and how to make the best financial decisions for their day to day. Regarding the activity of accompanying reading, the program has promoted about 140 sessions, in which more than 500 minors in vulnerable situations have participated with the aim of helping them improve their reading comprehension and their cognitive and linguistic development.

Supporting digitization with people who have difficulties adapting to the new technologies, as the elderly or people with disabilities, has been another of the outstanding initiatives in 2020 for CaixaBank volunteers. Specifically, some thirty activities have been carried out related to basic training in office automation tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), the use of social networks or the management of digital communication applications, such as Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

Projects related to employability and job placement groups at risk of exclusion have allowed the development of 80 actions, most of them aimed at offering socio-labor support, although also with a significant presence of a new initiative created in 2020: self-employment mentoring sessions, aimed at facilitating insertion in the market of work of vulnerable people through the definition and promotion of small businesses. Taken together, activities related to employability have benefited more than 600 entrepreneurs and they have been especially important in helping people who, in the context of the pandemic, have been forced to redirect their business plans.

In addition to working in all these areas, the volunteers have also developed other initiatives, such as actions in favor of the environment, collections of basic food or clothing and care for advanced patients.

New online formats

Along with the intense activity recorded, the main characteristic of CaixaBank’s volunteer program this year has been the adaptation of actions to non-face-to-face formats, given the Covid-19 pandemic situation. For example, in October, the entity adopted the online format for the celebration of its Social Week.

But, throughout the year, adaptation to the digital format has been constant and has been implemented in a third of the program, even in 70% of the activities in a few months. This has made it possible to organize distance financial education workshops, initiatives to send letters against loneliness for the elderly, dance or cooking classes online for vulnerable young people, family craft workshops for charitable purposes or projects to make solidarity masks, informs the entity in a statement.

Coinciding with its 15th anniversary, the Association of Volunteers has presented its new brand, CaixaBank Volunteering, and the renewal of its image. The CaixaBank volunteer program has more than 5,000 members belonging to the Association of Volunteers who participate in the initiatives on a recurring basis.

In addition to the corporate volunteer program, the entity supports, thanks to its territorial capillarity, the distribution of financial aid from the “la Caixa” Foundation. The CaixaBank branch network is present in 100% of towns with more than 10,000 inhabitants and in 94% of those with more than 5,000 and can detect the needs of local social entities, to which it channels part of its Work Social.


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