Food Delivery Brands, the current name of what was previously known as Grupo Telepizza, closed the first nine months of the year with a loss of 38.6 million euros, a figure that carries the effects of the March lockdown on the business and April and the subsequent limitations on reopening, also in the second wave.

Even so, activity showed signs of recovery in the third quarter, continuing the good symptoms shown in May and June. During that period, Food Delivery Brands’ revenues reached 86 million, 16% less than a year earlier, or optimistically speaking, an 84% recovery in sales. A figure that corresponds to the restaurants managed directly by the company, up to 465. What the company calls chain sales, which include both its own stores and franchisees, reached 241 million, 23.6% less. The pace of recovery in the latter is slower, while they have also been affected by a greater number of closures.

As of September 30, this type of premises were 1,804, 101 less than in the previous year. On that date 89.4% of the network had already been able to reopen, although with a higher proportion in the European market, with 97 %. In Latin America, reopenings reached 82%.

Food Delivery Brands also managed to register a positive ebitda between July and September, of seven million euros, almost 60% lower than it had a year ago.

In the whole of the first nine months of the year, the group’s chain sales reached 726 million, 21.4% less. In those managed directly by the company, these are 257 million, 12% below the previous year. The ebitda reaches 14 million, a positive figure and that allows Telepizza to maintain its forecast for the end of the year, which happens to close the year in this variable in a range of between 17 and 24 million. At the end of the period, the available cash was 50 million, a figure that includes a loan guaranteed by the ICO for 10 million. According to the company, this “shows a strong liquidity position.”


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