According to a study, hackers and co. Discover Telegram as an alternative to the Darknet to buy and sell stolen data and unauthorized tools.

With meanwhile over a billion downloads Telegram is one of the popular alternatives to WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal and Co. However, messaging has App in Europe and Germany at least a dubious reputation. Especially since the service is met with great approval in circles of conspiracy theorists and radical groups. Now revealed one from Cyberint Study conducted for the Financial Timesthat Telegram is also becoming more and more interesting for cyber criminals. According to the analysis, there has been a 100 percent increase in the use of the app by such criminals. The fact that more and more personal data and co. Is now being traded via Telegram could also be due to the new privacy policy on WhatsApp related.

Marketplaces for financial data, hacking guides and malware discovered at Telegram

The study about which Mashable also reports, points out that more and more illegitimate offers are appearing on Telegram. These are typical for the Darknet. But while trading there is associated with certain hurdles (anonymization mechanisms are one of them, and pages that are accessed with the TOR browser are often slow), real-time sales are even possible via messaging apps. WhatsApp and Facebook may be the reason why fewer such illegal businesses are now being carried out because they were this year outdated privacy policy for WhatsApp brings more restrictions.

Telegram, on the other hand, is much less moderated. “Secret chats” can be activated in the app in order to use end-to-end encryption. Self-destructing messages are also available as a function in this context. These options are not available for the huge group chats. But to get into this, you first need an accessLink.

Huge channel for selling access data only deleted after notification from the Financial Times

Cyberint has now discovered real marketplaces for cyber criminals. For example, there was the “combolist” channel (the title is a reference to a list of access data), which had over 47,000 subscribers. Huge data sets have been sold there. The Telegram channel was only discontinued when the Financial Times asked the app about it. Telegram only told the Financial Times that data that was not shared with the consent of users would be removed from the app.

However, Cyberint was able to find various groups and channels in the study that offered financial and personal data, hacking guides and tools as well as various malware. In addition, the number of links to Telegram channels that were shared in forums on the dark web rose from around 172,000 in 2020 to over a million this year.

Now those responsible have to ask themselves whether they continue to be negligent with the content in the app and maintain the lax moderation. Should that be the case, Telegram will not be able to shed its status as an obscure messaging alternative – on the contrary.

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