The president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, announced this Tuesday the creation of a large global Innovation and Talent Hub at the company’s headquarters, located in the Telefónica District of Madrid. According to the executive, this initiative will consolidate the company as the undisputed leader in digitization, since it will allow it to project its reach beyond technology to occupy the space of talent.

“Our commitment is to turn our own headquarters into a great nerve center where knowledge from all countries will be connected and which will consolidate Spain’s leadership in the design and creation of the new digital world,” said Pallete.

In its launch phase, the Hub will host fifty top-level technological developments with experiences based on holographies, gaming, robots, connected cars, drones, state-of-the-art security or the latest advances in hybrid classroom development, among others.

Rafael Nadal

In a dialogue with tennis player Rafael Nadal and after a question posed by His Majesty King Don Felipe, on the opening day of the fourth edition of EnlightED, the international forum for educational innovation promoted by Fundación Telefónica, IE University and South Summit, Pallete has indicated that this Hub will have an investment of 100 million euros until 2024. This will be a special year for Telefónica, because it will celebrate its first centenary.

With the benefits and potential provided by the 140,000 square meters of the buildings located at the headquarters, Telefónica will have a pioneering center with which to provide a global response to the needs of the digital society, covering all disciplines and areas for positioning strategic company.

According to Pallete, thanks to the versatility and size of its facilities, Telefónica will generate, in a single space, the necessary ecosystem to provide the best opportunities to the 100,000 people that the Hub will be able to train each year in new digital capabilities. “It will be the leading Hub of the leading company,” he said. The Hub will act as a talent attraction pole and will be a pioneer in terms of its concept and dimensions, attributes that will make it possible for Telefónica to consolidate its position as a benchmark in innovation.

In turn, as explained by the operator, the center will place Spain at the world forefront in attracting and developing technology and highly qualified professionals.

The headquarters buildings will become a large interconnected center of excellence dedicated mainly to 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Fiber Optics, Edge Computing, Algorithms Deep Learning, Internet of Things, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Video. Equipped with these technologies, it will be a center oriented “not only to envision the future, but to build it”, Álvarez-Pallete stated.

Telefónica has indicated that the Hub will include disruptive projects such as the Experience Tank, a center to share the latest technology, or the Wayra Laboratory, a platform for accessing platforms so that startups are developed in areas such as health, retail, industry or media. Escuela 42 and Universitas will be the pillars of the firm commitment to Talent, and People Lab and Future of Work They will represent the vectors for the development of the Formation.


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