Who is hot this year on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube? A study of the growth of the most popular social media profiles by HypeAuditor provides information about which accounts were able to take off in the first quarter of 2021.

The corona pandemic has meant that many people primarily over Social media Stay in contact with friends and family, get inspiration for your next (digital) shopping trip or look for recipe ideas. It is therefore not unusual that TikTok, YouTube and Instagram have now become an integral part of the everyday life of many users. Also Influence and successful accounts are becoming more and more important. The AI ​​analysis platform HypeAuditor therefore examined which accounts and categories in social media grew particularly in Germany in the first quarter of 2021. The results: In addition to “Food & Cooking”, “DIY & Design” and “Baking & Sweets”, articles from the education sector also make it into the top 5 of the fastest growing trend categories. With a growth of 7.25 percent, the “Business & Finance” category came in first.

Social media trends 2021: More inspiration for life at home

Exit and contact restrictions apply in many places in Germany. This is also reflected in the analysis of social media trends. Because in order to while away the time at home, Instagram users: inside Germany rely primarily on content from the areas of “Food & Cooking” (+6.35 percent), “DIY & Design” (+6.02 percent) and “Baking & Sweets” (+5.18 percent). Learning content on the Facebook platform also increased sharply in the first quarter of 2021 year-on-year. A total of 5.89 percent won this category. The biggest increase in terms of Engagement Rate achieved the categories “winter sports” with an increase of 8.06 percent and “nature & landscapes” with 7.57 percent.

These are the top 10 accounts on Instagram

In addition to the categories, HypeAuditor also examined which accounts on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube had the most growth. Mercedes-Benz secured pole position on Instagram. During the first quarter, the car manufacturer’s account was able to gain 1.4 million new followers and thus recorded a growth of five percent. Just behind is the FC Bayern account with 1.2 million. Third and fourth place of the most growing accounts are occupied by BMW and Porsche, while Pamela Reif – who has been providing her followers with new recipes and home workouts every day since the beginning of the pandemic – was able to gain 0.7 million new subscribers, placing it in fifth place Ranking creates.

The fastest growing accounts on Instagram, © HypeAuditor

These are the top 10 accounts on YouTube

The “children’s toy channel” was able to take the lead among the YouTube accounts with the greatest year-on-year growth. With a growth rate of over ten percent, the YouTube Channel lands in front of fitness guru Pamela Reif, who was able to gain a total of 1.1 million followers on Google’s video platform. Third and fourth place went to the “CrazyFrogOfficial” and “Kurzgesagt” channels, both of which recorded growth of around six percent. Channel Niki Nihachu lands in fifth place, and many streamers should also be familiar with her successful Twitch channel.

The fastest growing accounts on YouTube, © HypeAuditor

These are the top 10 accounts on TikTok

The landed with a growth of 28.1 percent TikToker Younes Zarou is number one of the fastest growing TikTok accounts in Germany. Second and third place went to avesmoves (+5.7 million followers) and insecthouse_adi with an increase of 2.4 million followers. With 2.7 million subscribers, the fmburak account ranks fifth.

The fastest growing accounts on TikTok, © HypeAuditor

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