The car manufacturer Stellantisborn from the merger of PSA with Fiat and Chrysler, has recorded very good figures in its first year. The company’s net profit soared to 13,354 million euros in 2021, 179% more compared to the previous year when both companies were separate and the world suffered a brutal slowdown in the economy due to the start of the pandemic. Stellantis achieved this huge increase in earnings with a much smaller raise of turnover, which grew by 14% in 2021up to 152,119 million euros.

“The record results we are presenting today prove that Stellantis is well placed to deliver strong results even in the most uncertain market environments,” said the automaker’s CEO, in a statement. Charles Tavares.

Stellantis launched a total of ten models last year, among which the Citroën C4, the Fiat Pulse, the DS 4, the Opel Mokka and the Peugeot 308 stand out. The company has indicated that it already has 34 casualty cars in its offer emissions, including fuel cell commercial vehicles. “Global sales of these low-emission cars reached 388,000 units, up 160% from the previous year,” the company said.

The manufacturer has reported that the merger has brought him great synergies, with a net cash gain of 3.2 billion euros for the company, which also currently has an industrial liquidity of 62.7 billion euros. Given these results, Stellantis has indicated that it will distribute 3,300 million in dividends, prior approval of its shareholders meeting. In addition, Tavares has indicated that will distribute 1,900 million in premiums for the workforce of the company, 70% more than in 2020.

“I take this opportunity to also thank the management team who have spared no effort when we have faced and overcome intense headwinds. Together, we have focused on executing our plans in our race to become a technology company. of sustainable mobility”, added Tavares. In the statement, the company has recalled its electrification and software development plan, which includes an investment of 30,000 million euros until 2025.

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