The world’s biggest sporting event of the year has also caught up with social media. TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook have provided features and special content areas for fans – which should also interest marketers.

For some it’s just a game, for others it’s the sporting highlight of the year, and it’s always a media spectacle: the Super Bowl. On Sunday night, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will face cult quarterback Tom Brady against defending champion Kansas City Chiefs with star player Patrick Mahomes. And the interest is not only great from a sporting point of view. The Weekend is expected to appear on the halftime show (Miley Cyrus also announced an appearance in advance), and some of the world’s biggest brands will showcase new ads that cost millions of dollars for a few seconds. Social media are also preparing and are now offering their users some special features about the event.

NFL filters, top hashtags and a Super Bowl ad section on YouTube

Interest in the Super Bowl is also greater in Germany than it was a year ago. In any case, an analysis by eBay Ads shows that user interest in Super Bowl products in Germany has increased by 40 percent since the beginning of 2020. In fact, many fans should be prepared for a long night of American football again, although the Super Bowl parties will have to be canceled this year. Nevertheless, the celebrations will take place in small groups (maybe also in video chat). Interest in the keywords whiskey, barbecue or TV sets has risen sharply on eBay in the past four weeks – which is what the company associates with the event.

Interest in these products has recently increased on eBay, © eBay

But what does social media, which most fans will likely be active on during the Super Bowl, offer users this year? On the one hand, Facebook has worked hard to communicate with football fans and provided for the messenger sticker and camera filter. Unfortunately only for users in the USA, Canada, Brazil and Great Britain. This allows people to express their affection for one of the final teams.

Camera filter in Messenger on Facebook
Camera filter in Messenger on Facebook, © Facebook

But also the trend App TikTok takes the media attention around the Super Bowl with it. With the exclusive Event TikTok Tailgate in advance of the game will be popular TikToker share their opinions about the game, the halftime show and the event. Miley Cyrus also performs for the fans. TikTok users can participate in the night from Sunday to Monday, but unfortunately only those who live in the USA or Canada.

TikTok Tailgate-Ankündigung, TikTok.
TikTok Tailgate-Ankündigung, © TikTok

However, the Adblitz area on YouTube. The video platform makes them available to present the brands’ new advertising clips before, during and after the Super Bowl LV. For example, you can already see a Get Ready ad from Pepsi teasing the The Weekend show:

Twitter and Snapchat tend to advertise themselves

Snapchat already had lenses for the Super Bowl last year, but this year the platform is concentrating more on its own content offering. Because just in time for Super Bowl LV, Snapchat released a trailer for its own original series about the clubless NFL professional Colin Kaeparnick, who became world famous as a human rights activist and anti-racism – not least as the advertising face of Nike.

With the short message service Twitter, on the other hand, the best ads of the event are selected during the game, in which it is documented which advertising is discussed the most. There is a dedicated BestofTweets area for this purpose:

Here, marketers will again find interesting insights into what works really well on the advertising market. Of course, other social media will also contribute a lot to the event, WhatsApp and Co. are likely to exchange numerous messages about the game, YouTube and Twitch may host live streams from fans; and on Instagram? It will certainly be a lot there Content on the channels of the NFL, clubs and fans. And Tom Brady or Patrick mahomes you can of course also find them there.

Mahomes, who is almost 20 years younger than Brady, is still behind when it comes to titles and Instagram followers. But maybe he can catch up a bit on Sunday night. In any case, people on social media will experience it first hand.

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