So you can see a large Instagram profile picture

The Instagram application has managed to reach the top in the world of social networks thanks to the many options that it makes available to its millions of users. Over the years, the tools and functions at our disposal have increased, at first, you could only post photos, and today there are few things that you cannot do in the application. Despite this, always is there a function we would like to havelike power view a large Instagram profile photo.

It is a simple function that any other social network has, but that is not on Instagram, either from the mobile application or from the computer. This is something curious, considering that in its sisters, Facebook and WhatsApp, there is the option to see the profile photo of another user in large. It is something simple, but more than once we would have liked to be able to do it.

Of course you have the possibility to clearly see all the photos of your profile, their highlighted stories, videos and others, but sometimes a user has a profile picture that has not been published, so there are details in it that cannot be appreciated, and the truth is that we would like to be able to see them.

Luckily, while we are still waiting for Instagram to offer us the possibility of seeing the profile photo in a large size, we have a trick that we can use, which is very simple, so much so that it is normal that many are unaware of its existence. That is why, if you want to see this photo, then we are going to explain how you can do it so that you are never left with the doubt of what is in that image, whether it is that of a friend, random user or your favorite celebrity.

How to enlarge a profile picture on Instagram

To put this trick into practice, you are going to have to resort to Instagram stories, which were a big surprise upon arrival, as they were a copy of the Snapchat app, and they worked surprisingly well. What’s more, there are users who post more content to their stories than to their feed.

Steps to follow on Instagram own composition

Anytime view a large Instagram profile photo, First you will have to go to your profile and click on the + symbol. Doing so will display the available options, and you’ll need to select Story and Camera. When it opens, you will see that at the top left you have all the tools, and one of them says “Aa”, select it to create a new post and a new screen with different resources will open at the bottom of the screen.

Swipe between these until you find one that says “Shortcuts”, which is represented with a speech bubble and a figure inside. Write here the name of the user you want to see the profile picture, select and zoom in on the image and that’s it. A very simple trick that we invite you to try.

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