Numerous new services and products from Snapchat were presented at the Snap Partner Summit. Above all, the new AR Spectacles, which transfer 3D effects directly into the field of vision.

Almost everything on Snapchat is about the camera. That is why the company Snap has now introduced new features for the camera kit, Augmented Reality and also the creation of videos. At this year’s Snap Partner Summit, however, the focus was particularly on the presentation of the iOS video editing app called Story Studio as well as the presentation of the new AR glasses Spectacles. The AR now brings this to life more than ever before.

Snapchat Spectacles are wireless and for the first time can project 3D effects directly onto the world without a mobile phone

The new Spectacles from Snapchat live up to their name. On the Blog explains the company:

These are lightweight display glasses that creators can use to place their lenses directly over the world. New ways are explored to combine fun and benefits through immersive AR.

For the first time, the Spectacles are available as “real” AR glasses; in previous versions, users had to use the AR effects via the App on the cell phone because the glasses did not have the appropriate displays. Thanks to the integration with the Lens Studio Developers can: inside lenses (effects) wirelessly transfer to the world seen through the glasses. There is a touchpad on the glasses that users can use to start a lens carousel. The right button can be used to activate a scan that detects what’s in the field of view and suggests relevant lenses based on the world around you. With voice scan, creators can then pronounce a command to start the lenses – without any manual operation. The left button picks up lenses from ten-second snaps that are placed over the world so the Creator Snaps can send directly from Spectacles. Snapchat further explains how the Spectacles work:

Spectacles taps our human senses of sight, touch, and sound to bring lenses to life. Two 3D waveguide displays and a field of view of 26.3 degrees overlay the lenses with the world, right in front of your eyes. Driven by our new Snap Spatial Engine, which uses six degrees of freedom as well as hand, marker and surface tracking, the Spectacles overlays the creators’ ideas with the world in a new way.

However, normal users cannot use these new AR glasses from Snapchat. It is not intended for sale and is only available to AR developers – such as Zach Liebermann – and passed on to selected creators. But if you are an AR Creator, you can rely on one Page on Snapchat register for use.

The Story Studio: edit videos on your mobile phone and share them anywhere

Another big piece of news from Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and his team was the Story Studio. This new standalone app for iOS offers creators a range of intuitive editing tools for creating professional content on their mobile phones. The app can be used to gain insights and to find out what’s trending in Snapchats Sounds, #Topics and Lenses thanks to Snapchat Insights. This allows creators to quickly and easily create relevant and contemporary vertical videos and share them on Snapchat and elsewhere.

The app is to be rolled out later this year. It is not yet clear whether there will also be an Android version.

Also new to Snapchat: Screenshop, public profiles for companies and more

Currently, Snapchat can count on over 500 million monthly active users (MAU) worldwide. 40 percent of the Snapchat community is now outside of North America and Europe.

Evan Spiegel names the current user numbers at the Snap Partner Summit, © Snapchat

In addition to information on business development and the news about Spectacles and Story Studio, Snapchat has also introduced numerous other new features. The scan function – which is used by around 170 million Snapchatters every month – is moved directly to the start screen of the Snapchat camera. Scan connects objects in the focus of the camera with the appropriate AR experiences. There will also be a scan feature called Screenshop in the future. When users use it to scan a friend’s outfit with the camera or select a photo from the picture gallery, they receive suitable shopping recommendations from hundreds of brands. In addition, there are upgrades for the try-on feature, for example, it is now possible to try on jewelry in an AR context thanks to “wrist tracking technology”.

Watches can be tried on on Snapchat via AR.
Watches can be tried on on Snapchat via AR, © Snapchat

The Public Profiles for Businesses are also new: This allows brands to establish a permanent presence on Snapchat in order to present their lenses, highlights and stories. In addition, a shop page is possible where Snapchatters can browse and shop.

Further highlights from Snapchat’s world: Building LEGO together with Connected Lenses and cooperation with Bumble

With Connected Lenses, friends can interact with each other in real time via Lenses – regardless of where they are. This means that users can also build LEGO together via Snapchat.

Building LEGO together with the Connected Lenses,
Building LEGO together with the Connected Lenses, © Snapchat

For a brand like LEGO it would also lend itself to that API-Access interfaces for Lenses. Brands will soon be able to seamlessly create AR Shopping Lenses by simply uploading their product catalogs and 3D product assets to Business Manager via Snap’s API. Snapchatters who use these Lenses will receive real-time updates on products and prices.

In addition to the many other innovations such as Lens Studio 4.0, outdated map layers, a camera that is more inclusive thanks to the input of renowned directors: inside, or an update for Spotlight on the web, the marketplace for creators and the new gifting feature are especially exciting.

The Marketplace allows brands to find and contact verified creators via a self-service business manager. With the gifting feature, subscribers can now send gifts to official Snap Stars to start conversations. Snap Stars earn a share of revenue from gifts received through story replies and purchased through Snapchat Tokens. The extent to which Snapchat can affect different areas of life is also recently shown by the new camera kit partnership with Bumble. Since the Partner Summit, Bumble Matches have been able to send AR video notes with Snapchat in order to make the “introductory chats” of Snapchatterns more interesting.

Bumble and Snapchat cooperate
Bumble and Snapchat cooperate, © Snapchat

The innovative social app Snapchat has many new features to offer that numerous users can try out now or during the course of the year. If you want to find out more, have a look at the Snapchat Blog past.

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