The Valencian town of Sagunto It is the great candidate to stay with the battery plant that the Volkswagen group wants to build in Spain. As sources familiar with the company’s plans have confirmed to this newspaper, the car manufacturer has not yet made a decision on where the future gigafactory will be built, but the great favorite is the municipality of Sagunto, above Extremadura and Aragón, the other two places with options today. other means of communication, The Automotive Tribunehas assured in information published this Wednesday that the company has already made the decision to build the factory in the Valencian town, something that this newspaper has not been able to confirm.

According to sources consulted by Five daysthe company expects to have an important meeting next March 3 in which he will deal with this matter. Today, the company regards Sagunto with better eyes than the rest of its competitors for several reasons. The main one is to take advantage of the synergies with Fordwhich has a factory in Almussafes, Valencia, a company with which Volkswagen has an alliance for the development of electric cars.

For the Almussafes factory, the arrival of the battery plant in Sagunto would be great news, since it would be one more argument to convince Ford to assign electric models to this factory. At the moment, Almussafes competes with the assembly plant that the North American manufacturer has in Saarlouis, Germany, for the last two electric models that remain to be assigned to Ford for this decade. Detroit (the headquarters is there) will announce its decision predictably in the middle of the year.

Another reason for choosing Sagunto is the high industrial level of the area, with a powerful polygon that is where Volkswagen will build the battery factory if it decides on this municipality. In addition, the high level of training of professionals and the possibility of accessing large amounts of water, something important for a gigafactory, make Sagunto the favorite.

Extremadura, which “would be a country project”, according to these sources, has the handicap of having less infrastructure and industry than the Valencian town. As a plus point, it has lithium mines, a key material for batteries. For its part, Aragon is also far behind the possibility of Sagunto.

The German group will invest around 5,000 million euros to build this strategic plant for the national automobile industry, which will employ around 3,500 people in Valencia.

For his part, from the Sagunto Town Hall They refused to make any comment on the matter and limited themselves to pointing out to this newspaper that they will wait for the company to make an official statement.

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, was “cautious” this Wednesday before the possibility that Sagunto is the chosen one, since it is a “decision of the company”, which is pending the publication of the call for the Perte of the electric vehicle to know what funds it will have Finally. In turn, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Kings Marotohas declared from Brussels that as a consequence of Perte, other car manufacturers have in mind “projects for the development of battery factories in Spain”.

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