EURO 2020: The title favorites are also strong in social media

The title favorites France and Portugal are already in top form on social media. An analysis by web-netz Sports showed that France’s national team has the most followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with 19.6 million. England (17.1 million), which is again highly traded in this tournament, is in second place. Germany made it to the podium with 13 million fans on these platforms, but first had to prevail on the place in group F against Portugal and France – as well as Hungary.

Total number of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: top three, © web-netz Sports

Portugal is the defending champion and was able to achieve first place in the social media check. Namely in the category of the follower-residents: inside-quotient. With 12.6 million followers on the three platforms mentioned and only 10.3 million inhabitants, the national team achieved a value of 122.3 percent. Second and third place are, by far, Croatia and Wales. However, they have the advantage of having comparatively small residents. Germany ranks ninth in this list with 15.6 percent, but it also has the most inhabitants: inside the countries listed.

Top ten according to the follower population: inside quotient
Top ten according to the follower population: inside quotient, © web-netz Sports

The fact that Portugal and France have so many followers is due to star players like Cristiano Ronaldo (who was the first person to break the 200 million follower mark on Instagram), Antoine Griezmann, Bruno Fernandes or Paul Pogba. In the German national team, Bayern stars Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller and Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos are fan magnets.

Twitter dream teams by position: A lot of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich

Twitter has also dealt with the stars on its own platform as part of the upcoming European Championship. During the European Championship, many fans will be on the road because the game and background information about the teams are shown there in almost unbeatable topicality. Now, on the occasion of the tournament, Twitter has set up a dream team with international and German players based on the number of followers for the respective position. In the international team, the presence of Real Madrid players predominates. Five of the eleven players (including Gareth Bale on loan from Real to Tottenham Hotspurt) are from Madrid.

The undisputed number one is Cristiano Ronaldo (92.1 million followers), who played a key role in the 2016 European Championship. However, he is the only country representative of the defending champion in this dream team.

The international Twitter dream team of EURO 2020
The international Twitter dream team of EURO 2020 (click on the picture for a larger view), © Twitter

With at least nine million Twitter followers, Toni Kroos is represented in both the international and the German dream team. In the latter, Thomas Müller – who is back in the national dress – and Manuel Neuer are two Bayern and Germany legends among the players with the most followers (4.4 and 3.9 million followers). With Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sané there are two other Bayern stars. The newly crowned Champions League winners FC Chelsea with Timo Werner, Antonio Rüdiger and Kai Havertz also have three players. However, none of these three players has more than a million followers.

The German Twitter dream team of EURO 2020
The German Twitter dream team of EURO 2020 (click on the picture to get a larger view), © Twitter

TikTok: Ed Sheeran and Toni Kroos are promoting the EM

The huge social media platform TikTok was not taken into account in the previous analyzes. These is after all the official sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020 – and will thus possibly further cement its status as an extremely popular social app. Also because megastar Ed Sheeran will appear at the EM and is already pointing it out as an advertising face for TikTok.


Playing @tiktok ’s UEFA Euro 2020 LIVE show, filmed this with goldenballs himself @davidbeckham , tune in from 9pm BST 25th June x ## EdTikTokLIVE

♬ original sound – Ed Sheeran

Although the Briton only has 14 videos on TikTok, he has 3.9 million followers. How much Sheeran is actually connected to football is also shown by the fact that he will sponsor the jerseys at his favorite club Ipswich Town – references to Sheeran’s tour will then be seen.


## Imjustakid @ipswichtown

♬ I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan

Toni Kroos was also able to win TikTok as a face for the EM. The German star player has 1.7 million followers on the platform and shows, for example, his signature move for his fans.

@ toni.kr8s

Learn and show me the “Kroos Shuffle” 👀 ## LearnwithTikTok ##KickForGood @toni.kr8s_academy

♬ Original sound – Toni Kroos

About the opening game: Turkey is the engagement winner on Instagram and Twitter

EURO 2020 will open with the match between Italy and Turkey. Italy is a big favorite on the pitch, even though the team sensationally did not make it to the 2018 World Cup. Turkey showed strong performances in qualifying and is considered by some to be an insider tip for a place in the semi-finals. At least in terms of social media engagement, the national team of Turkey already has top marks.

The analysis by web-netz Sports shows that Turkey has 3.5 percent to offer on Twitter and even 12 percent on Instagram. This quota corresponds to the average number of reactions (likes, shares, etc.) per day to posts on the team account in relation to the number of followers on the same day. Turkey has about three times more commitment than the national team of the Netherlands (on Instagram). The good rankings of Finland – which is participating in an EM for the first time – and the Ukraine can also be attributed to the very low number of followers. More about the entire social media check for the national teams of EURO 2020 you can read about it on the website of web-netz Sports.

Instagram engagement of the national team accounts
Instagram engagement of the national team accounts, © web-netz Sports

We are looking forward to an exciting European football championship and are curious to see whether the developments on the pitch will also have an impact on the number of followers and commitment. To get you in the mood, here’s a look back at the best goals of the Euro 2016:

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