Reddit Publishes 2022 Holiday Marketing Guide to Assist in Campaign Planning

With the holiday season fast approaching, Reddit has published a new guide to help advertisers utilize Reddit ads in their strategies, which also provides some interesting notes on how Redditors use the platform to research products.

As explained by Reddit:

“90% of users trust Reddit as a place to learn about new products and brands. During the holidays, people come to the platform in droves for recommendations about which gifts to buy, recipes to make, and traditions to start.”

The 9-page guide covers all the key elements of Reddit’s reach, including product and brand engagement:

The report also looks at what consumers like about Reddit as a discovery platform:

Reddit Holiday Guide

Along with the top product categories in the app:

Reddit Holiday Guide

There are also insights into key trends, and more:

Reddit Holiday Guide

The guide also includes essential ad tips, which also provide some interesting pointers on how to use the platform as a research tool.

Reddit Holiday Guide

Which could be Reddit’s key value proposition – beyond direct advertising, Reddit also provides a wealth of insight into key trends, including rising products, with the comment sections also giving access to valuable notes on what consumers are looking for in certain items.

Reddit continues to develop its ad tools, and has become a more valuable resource for connecting with engaged communities – though questions have also been raised in relation to how it applies its ad policies to different subreddits.

Still, at 50m+ active users, in over 100k niche communities, there could be significant opportunity there to help you connect with the right audiences for your offerings.

You can download Reddit’s 2022 Holiday Marketing Guide here.

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