Puertos del Estado, Adif and the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda have awarded Indra the development of the Simple project, a Spanish national logistics platform that will integrate all the information on the activity of freight transport and logistics in Spain, for 2 , 66 million euros.

This platform will function as a kind of national logistics single window, since it means taking advantage of the experience of the State Ports single port window (Dueport) already implemented by Indra for all modes of transport and agents in the logistics chain.

Thus, the platform, which will be developed in a period of 30 months, will ensure interoperability between the different actors involved in the transport of goods on a national scale, as well as their integration on an international scale, which, according to Indra, will allow optimization of the supply chain, effectiveness, efficiency and security in transactions.

The technological solution will guarantee document and cargo traceability through blockchain. According to the entities involved, the platform will help ensure the transparency and inviolability of transactions, both for national and international flows of goods that enter, leave or pass through Spanish ports or by land transport, both by road and rail.

In addition, by entering the data only once and by the person in charge in each case, it will simplify and speed up the processes related to transport and logistics, respecting the highest possible level of confidentiality, security, integrity and availability.

The digitization and integration of the information that the platform will offer will make it possible to exploit the data and all the information of the commercial and logistics activity, which will also contribute to reducing stocks, optimize routes, improve processes and reduce costs.

“It will also have a clear impact when it comes to achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly transport of goods, by helping to reduce the use of paper or emissions”, as promoted by the European Commission, Indra added.

The project will have the means and capabilities of SIA, an Indra company specialized in cybersecurity, identity and digital signature. The Spanish technology company has already implemented one-stop-shop solutions linked to logistics in countries such as Cyprus, Portugal, Morocco, Angola, Cape Verde and Chile.


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