The last of the platforms from which we have known the news that it has prepared for the month of June of the year 2022. And, the truth is that Disney+ It is one of those that offers a greater number of novelties (and the variety is also excellent). We show you what is worth taking into account to enjoy your subscription.

One of the best options that are released in this new month is the series Ms Marvel. The story is based on a teenage girl who is a fan of superhero comics and discovers by chance that she herself has powers. It shows how she enjoys this possibility in a casual and fun tone, making it an excellent family option that is worth giving it a try, since her finish is quite correct. It opens on June 8.

The movie is also amazing stargirl in hollywood, which hits the platform on June 3. Music is the center of this feature film that comes to Disney +, and that narrates how it can change lives in a simple but radical way. It shows that you should not be afraid of this happening, since the consequences do not always have to be negative. Entertaining and very bright, it will make you have a good time.

The rest of the novelties that arrive at Disney +

Here is the long list of Every options that are being released on this VOD service, which is one of the fastest growing lately and, therefore, it seems that things are doing very well. It is the following:


  • Abbott College: June 1
  • The Orville: New Horizons: Season 3 June 2
  • Big Sky: new installment of the second season on June 8
  • Destiny Delights: June 8
  • The gallant. TV changed, he didn’t: June 8
  • With love, Victor: Final season on June 15
  • It was always me: June 15
  • Strengthening the family: June 15
  • Only murders in the building: second season on June 28
  • Atlanta: Season Three June 29
  • Baymax!: June 29
  • Butterfly: June 29


  • Fire Island: June 3
  • Sissi: June 3
  • Sissi Empress: June 3
  • Sissi’s fate: June 3
  • Ravenous: June 10
  • The divorce: June 10
  • Belle: June 10
  • Mars: June 17
  • Peak Anxiety: June 17
  • The fat one was mounted: June 17
  • Margaret: June 17
  • Trevor: The Musical: June 24 (in original version with subtitles)
  • Joseph Lees Dream: June 24
  • Overcoming: The Antetokounmpo Family Story – June 24
  • The Immortal: A Gomorrah Movie: June 24
  • Patti Cakes: June 24


  • Lost Cities with Albert Lin: June 1
  • Everything a fan needs to know about Ms. Marvel: June 1
  • The secrets of the pirate city: June 2
  • D. Jade: a life unexpected: June 3 in original version with subtitles
  • This Magic moment: June 3 in original version with subtitles
  • No crossover: The trial of Allen Iverson: June 3 in original version with subtitles
  • Free spirits: June 3 in original version with subtitles
  • Survive and advance: June 3 in original version with subtitles
  • Science for amateurs: June 8
  • Man in the Arena: The Legend of Tom Brady: Episode 10 on June 8
  • The Kardashians: An ABC News Special: June 10
  • Celebrities in Danger with Bear Grylls: Season Six on June 22
  • Wild Congo: June 22
  • Have you seen this man? The John Ruffo Mystery: June 22
  • Mark Wrestles: June 24

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