Premieres arriving at Filmin in June 2022: series, movies and documentaries

If you have an account on the platform filmin, you will discover that this month there are a lot of news that make it very interesting to start fighting the summer that is very close to being a reality. We show you everything he has prepared as premieres in the month of June 2022.

This service does not lack anything, since you will find both series and movies that are new to its catalog (even some documentaries also land in its database). The fact is that, as usual on this platform, the creations will be different and unique, where the search for creativity on the part of directors and actors prevails over the pomp that exists in other premieres than the options that exist in the Spanish market. .

The premieres in Filmin in June 2022

we leave you the full listing of everything new that you will be able to find if you have access to the VOD service we are talking about. In this way, you can write down what interests you most so you don’t miss it. This is everything new:


The most striking thing that you can enjoy this month of June 2022 arrives on June 14. We talk about the series Minister, where you will see all the guts of politics and that from time to time there are bets that are different. Well acted and better directed, the theme and its possibilities are excellent. By the way, another option in this type of content that you should review is The fragrance of first love (June 17), which narrates how love comes when you least expect it. The rest of the options are as follows:

  • Suspects: June 7
  • Reyka: June 21
  • Everything you love: June 28


If what you like are feature films, you’re in luck. The number of options that you will find in Filmin is wide this month in terms of premieres. Perhaps what is most striking is June Again (June 3) that narrates how an elderly woman wishes to solve the problems that surround her before being unable to do so due to dementia. Then this The Villa Caprice case which arrives on the 10th and shows how a prestigious lawyer has a very complicated case despite the great economic solvency of his client. Nothing is what it seems. More possibilities below:

  • The Royal Game: June 3
  • A little plan… how to save the planet: June 17
  • True Things: June 24


There are two arrivals at the platform. On June 10 it opens We Were Eleven Kidswhere you will see what has become of one of the most recognized series of adolescents in the 90s. Then you can enjoy Dirty games 25, shows the great rivalry between two of the best players in Bridge.

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