Pinterest has spoken out with two exciting pieces of news. For one thing, Pinterest has announced its annual trend forecast for 2021. There are also some new whiteboard functions.

Every year Pinterest analyzes the search queries on the platform and predicts possible trends for the coming year based on the particularly popular topics. At the end of 2019, Pinterest was also very successful with this: a full 80 percent of the predicted top trends came true.

The annual “Pinterest Predicts” issue is a helpful tool for advertisers to benefit from future trends at an early stage. This year’s edition also includes some exciting insights. The platform divides its forecasts into different categories, such as home, fashion and food and drink. There is also a breakdown by target group so that marketers can look specifically at those trends that could be relevant for their target group. You can find the “Pinterest Predicts” for 2021 here.

Gen X cooks, millennials furnish, Gen Z styles themselves

Generation X was particularly keen to let off steam in the kitchen in 2021. For example, searches for “serve gourmet food” rose by 105 percent. An opportunity for manufacturers of household appliances and also food, who share their product catalogs or who can create pins with recipes themselves. Millennials, on the other hand, are particularly interested in furnishing and redesigning their living spaces. Brands from the retail sector in particular can benefit from this, as they can present their ideas for living using before-and-after carousels, for example.

For Generation Z, Pinterest predicts more searches for fashion and beauty. For example, the number of requests for “oversized outfits” and “natural everyday make-up” has recently increased. Boomers are also on Pinterest and, according to Pinterest 2021, could be particularly interested in cozy and practical car equipment: The search queries for “romantic evening in the car” have doubled.

Create notes and set favorites

In addition to the trends for 2021 Pinterest also brought out some new wall features. This includes the possibility of adding personal notes to pins – for example “For the next brunch” or “Goes well with the carpet in the living room”. There is also a new toolbar that should make it easier to keep track of all pins.

It is now also possible to set wall favorites. Pinboards can be sorted according to top ideas and favorites can be found more easily. Further innovations are a simplified pin organization and suggested pin board templates. Another recently released feature is the Holiday Gift Guide, which provides users with inspiration for holiday shopping.

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